6th January 2013

Ard Crags, Knott Rigg and Newlands Pass


Walk Overview
Time 09.40 to 13.15
Duration 3 hr 35 min
Distance 6.4 mile
Ascent 1740 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Rigg Beck - Aiken Knott - Ard Crags - Knott Rigg - Newlands Hause - Newlands Pass - Rigg Beck
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Rigg Beck, Newlands Pass

This is another of the many disused quarries in the Lake District that have been adopted as an unofficial car park. It may not be the largest parking spot around, but if I were looking for a space in the middle of the day I'd be tempted to grab a space here rather than take a chance on one of the other car parks having room.


Route Map

Heading into the little 'side valley' of Rigg Beck. The pointed fell on the skyline is Causey Pike.

On the opposite side of Newlands Valley you can see Cat Bells. It doesn't look very steep from here.

That's Ard Crags up there.
Carry along this path for a little while, cross the beck, walk up onto the ridge and then turn right.
"is it easy to cross the beck"
"If you know where it's at or if you look for it, there's a spot where you can just step right across"

Up on the ridge now, the confines of the narrow valley are gone and the view opens up to show Newlands Valley. The high point in the centre of the photo is Cat Bells.

Walking up the ard (for obvious reasons it's best pronounced without a "h") side of Ard Crags.

The first waves of the impending drizzle were starting to work their way across the side of Robinson. Thankfully it didn't reach us until we were past the summit of Ard Crags. It was warmer than you'd expect at this time of year and I didn't fancy having to put a jacket on while I was walking up hill.

The fell on the right is Knott Rigg.

Ard Crags summit and now that we were no longer sheltered we had the wind in our faces and drizzly rain for almost the rest of the walk.

A view back along the ridge to Ard Crags.

Knott Rigg summit.
I should have taken more than one picture. Jennifer wasn't actually standing there poised to spear something with her walking pole. I seem to have caught her mid stride.

Now a view back to Knott Rigg and Ard Crags.

Newlands Pass.
Most of the walk along here can be done on the grass verge and even if it weren't, we were only passed by 3 cars today. I think I said something about it being a different story in the middle of summer.


Turning around to take a picture of Knott Rigg and its north eastern ridge.
It looks like the guy who put the fence up needs to invest in a spirit level.

The old plough and milk churns at Birkrigg always catch the eye and beg to have their photo taken, , ,

, , , as does the new house at Rigg Beck.
This just isn't my cup of tea at all, but is does fit in completely with the surroundings and you'd be forgiven for assuming the building had been here for centuries with a few recent modifications.

About 10 steps from the car I took this photo of Rigg Beck and Causey Pike.

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