17th March 2013

High Rigg and St John's in the Vale


Walk Overview
Time 10.00 to 13.00
Duration 3 hr
Distance 5.5 mile
Ascent 700 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Bridge End Farm junction - Wren Crag - Long Band - High Rigg Tarn - High Rigg - St John's in the Vale church - St John's in the Vale - Low Bridge end Farm - Bridge End Farm junction
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Bridge End Farm junction with A591

With room for only about a dozen or so cars this spot tends to fill up rather quickly. If you do manage to get parked this is a really handy place to begin a walk onto the southern ridge of High Rigg or even Thirlmere which is only a shot walk down the road opposite the parking spaces.


Route Map

It was lovely when we set off this morning, snow on the ground and surprisingly warm sunshine. It didn't last for the whole walk but it was really nice while it lasted.

Making our way up the southern end of High Rigg. There was no hanging about under those trees. The snow was melting fast and we were getting soaked as it ran off them.

Winter wins the battle for supremacy and spring is definitely pushed out of the way for the time being.


Looking ahead to High Rigg summit.

This is a view down to the northern end of St John's in the Vale. Blencathra is there as well but you can't see much of that because of the cloud. You may want to take notice of just how much snow there is in the valley.

"Why would we want to do that"

"You don't have to if you don't want to, but if you do, you'll realise that by the time we got down there in just over an hours time it was all gone"

As we pass through the gap between Wren Crag and Long Band, we catch a view of the dam end of Thirlmere.

Looking across to the crags below Calfhow Pike and Clough Head.

Looking south, it seems to be getting darker and the weather may be taking turn for the worse.

High Rigg Tarn.

A view back along the central section of the ridge. The left hand path over there is the one we'd followed down from the tarn.

It might be a good idea to walk around this bit.


Reaching High Rigg summit was badly times as it turned out. Within minutes of arriving, we were joined by low cloud and a brief snow / sleet shower.

Turning around to the left, I took this picture looking across towards Latrigg, Bassenthwaite Lake and the northern fells.

Here it comes!

A close up of Tewet Tarn.

The gap between High Rigg and Low Rigg allows a view all the way across to the north western fells. If it had been a bit clearer you could see Grisedale Pike in the centre of the photo.

"Look there's a rainbow. Why don't you take a picture of it"
"Okay, I will"

St John's in the Vale church.

See, , , , I told you the snow was gone by the time we got down here.


St John's in the Vale.

A long distance view through St John's in the Vale to Blencathra, or at least the bottom of it.

As we passed Low Bridge End Farm it started to snow, the snow turned to sleet and then the sleet turned into rain.

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