14th April 2013

St John's in the Vale Church and Tewet Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 13.40 to 15.40
Duration 2 hr
Distance 4.3 mile
Ascent 600 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Castle Lane - Nest Brow - Dale Bottom - St John's in the Vale Church - Tewet Tarn - Naddle Bridge - Castlerigg Stone Circle
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Castlerigg Stone Circle

If you arrive here in the middle of the day at the height of summer, you'll probably find the place full, but if you're prepared to wait, it won't be long until one of the visitors at Castlerigg Stone Circle jumps in their car and drives off. Unless you're using this place as a starting poit for a walk, most people only seem to stay here for ten or fifteen minutes at the most.

Surprisingly because it's next to such a popular tourist attraction parking is free.


Route Map

Well, it's been nice without it, but it had to return sometime I suppose.
"what do ya mean"?
"rain, I'm talking about rain"

See what I mean.
What I can't understand is how anyone can possibly see this as being an improvement in the weather. Lots of folk seem to have forgot how wet it was last year and I for one would rather need extra clothes to keep warm than waterproofs to keep dry.

Waterlogged fields in front of Clough Head and the Dodds.

Low Nest Farm and Blencathra.


Obviously quite a bit of water must have fell out of the sky last night and this morning, but I suspect most of this has came from the rapid melting of snow.

"They're not that big so you can stop laughing now"

Dale Bottom.

On the twisty track between Sykes Farm and St John's in the Vale Church.

Outside St John's in the Vale Church.

Inside the church and out of the wind. It was blowing a gale today.


Daffodils in the churchyard. Up on the skyline is Clough Head,

Heading up the muddy path to the wall that crosses Low Rigg.

At the wall and looking across to Clough Head.

Down there is Tewet Tarn with Lonscale Fell, Great Calva and Blencathra behind.
The wind was behind us and almost blowing us down towards the tarn. I pity anyone walking up here today with the wind against them.

Down at Tewet Tarn now. Notice the lack of snow on Blencathra.


Daffodils by the roadside. Normally they'd be standing up straight but the wind had other ideas today.

Not far from the car now and this picture shows Clough Head and High Rigg.

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