20th April 2013

A wonderful feeling of seclusion - 4 fells east of Ullswater


Walk Overview
Time 07.45 to 12.30
Duration 4 hr 45 min
Distance 10.6 mile
Ascent 2100 ft
Walking with On my own
Roehead - Barton Fell - Arthur's Pike - Swarth Beck - Bonscale Pike - Lowther House Chimney - Loadpot Hill - High Street Roman Road - The Cockpit - Heughscar Hill - Roehead
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Roehead, Pooley Bridge

Roehead marks the end of the road and the beginning of the track running over the moors between Pooley Bridge and Askham / Helton. Parking here literally is along the roadside and there isn't really that much room to be honest.

Speaking for myself, the fells around here bring with them some of my favourite walking. This is somewhere you can still walk for hours and not see another soul; if you know where to go that is.


Route Map

I thought I'd be the only person setting out from here at this early(ish) hour but it looks like the couple down there wanted to make best use of the day as well. They were the last people I saw until I was almost back at the Cockpit Stone Circle towards the end of the walk. Despite the sunshine, there was still a chill in the air.

Looking ahead to Arthur's Pike.

The Pooley Bridge end of Ullswater, taken just before I crossed Aik Beck.

With Ullswater dominating the area there are lots of pictures of the lake on this walk. This one was taken from the side of White Knott.

A close up of the middle part of Ullswater.

And not so close up.

Just across from the top of Arthur's Pike summit you get this fine view down to Ullswater. From this angle you'd expect the cairn to fall over at any moment.
The darker fell in the far distance is Carrock Fell, an easy one to recognise because it's on the edge of the northern fells. If there's nothing to the right hand side of it, it has to be Carrock Fell.


The grassy ridge over there is Bonscale Pike; not too far from here with easy walking and good views almost all the way.

One of the good views on route between Arthur's Pike and Bonscale Pike.

A close up of the very steep and very twisty road running over from Howtown to Martindale.

Looking back across to Bonscale Pike.

and again, this time from more of a distance.

I'm glad I'm not on Fairfield this morning, that cloud seems to be taking ages to shift.


Rather than heading straight to Loadpot Hill from Bonscale Pike, I walked around t'other side of the fell so I could include the ruins of Lowther House Chimney on the walk. It doesn't look in any worse condition than last time I was here but I can't help feeling a twinge of sadness that I never saw it in its full glory.

Approaching Loadpot Hill summit.

Loadpot Hill summit trig column. I was going to stop for a couple of minutes to have a quick bite to eat but there was a strong, cool breeze up here today. I know the area isn't exactly littered with places to shelter but I still thought is a good idea to keep going for a little while longer. Actually, I just kept going. It was only when I got to within 100 yards of the car that I decided to sit on a rock and eat everything I'd carried around the whole 10 mile.

Four of the boundary stones found in the area on and around Loadpot Hill

Bonscale Pike and Arthur's Pike, taken as I make my way down from Loadpot Hill.

A short distance from the main path is this stone circle. Okay, I admit it doesn't look much like a circle from here. However, if you view it from a little further away and include the stones laying on the ground, you could argue it is sort of circular in shape.

The distance from here to Heughscar Hill might not be huge, but the nature of the place makes it look much further than it actually is. Definitely one of my favourite areas.

Bracken bails; presumably used for winter bedding.

Over the long grass for a view of Great Dodd and Clough Head (left). Little Mell Fell in the middle and Blencathra and the northern fells in the far distance.

Heughscar Hill summit.

Limestone on Heughscar Hill.

Looking across to Heugh Scar.

A final picture of Ullswater.

Daffodils near Roehead.

Interesting clouds

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