27th April 2013

Sour Howes, Sallows, , , , , and Sour Howes


Walk Overview
Time 08.00 to 12.40
Duration 4 hr 40 min
Distance 8.7 mile
Ascent 2300 ft
Walking with On my own
Church Bridge - Garburn Pass - Backstone Barrow - Sour Howes - Moor Head - Sallows - Kentmere Park - Long Crag - Capple Howe - Sour Howes - Backstone Barrow - Dubbs Road - Dubbs Reservior - Moorhowe Road - Longmire Road - Garburn Pass - Troutbeck church
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Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Church Bridge, Troutbeck

There isn't a great deal of room here; perhaps a few more than half a dozen spaces if you're lucky. Once these are taken however, people generally begin to park along the road near the church.

Parking is free

There are lots of walking on offer from this spot, but for myself, I find this an ideal place to head out onto the western arm of the Kentmere horseshoe.


Route Map

This is the bottom of Garburn Pass. I can't help but wonder if the whole of the pass used to be surfaced like this.

The first of a few pictures looking across (or down) to Troutbeck.

Blimey, just when we think spring might turn up, the fells get another covering of snow.

I wasn't on Garburn Pass for long this morning before I crossed over the field to reach Dubbs Road.

Steeply up one side of the ladder stile, , , ,   , , , and then you just step straight off the top.

Windermere, seen from one of the rocky sections on the way up Beckstone Barrow.

A close up of Windermere.

That's me at the bottom of the picture taking a photo of Troutbeck and Wansfell Pike.

Looking down Beckstone Barrow. It looks like a band of rain is working its way in front of the Coniston Fells.

Zooming in on Troutbeck church. I'll be down there looking at the daffodils later.

Looking across to Wansfell Pike.

On Sour Howes. Thankfully the threatening black clouds went the other way.

Heading around or perhaps I should say across to Sallows. Further along the ridge is Yoke, Ill Bell and in among that heavy shower are Froswick, Thornthwaite Crag and Stony Cove Pike.

A view back up to Sour Howes.

It looks like it's bucketing down over there.

I'm on Sallows now and as I hadn't put any thought into where to go after this, it was time to make a decision. And the decision was to walk down through Kentmere Park as far as the sheepfold next to Park Beck and then back up to Sour Howes.

An unusual view of Sour Howes.

Just about to cross Park Beck, but that's a strange thing to see up here.
"what ya talking about"

"daffodils, it just seems strange to find them at this altitude and in such an out of the way spot"

The second unusual view of the day and this one is of Sallows, taken from Park Beck.

Kentmere Park, lots of space to wander about in down here.

Sour Howes, seen from the minor top of Capple How.


Almost back at Sour Howes; the pointed bit on the left.
You might be able to make out two people sitting next to the top. All the way across here I'd practised saying "hello" and "you've found a nice sheltered spot there", but I was wasting my time. They were talking to someone on a radio and apart form a quick glance at me when I said hello, I was completely ignored.
As much as I like having the place to myself, at least I have the courtesy to speak to people when I pass them. After all, you never know if you'll need to ask for help from someone you ignored earlier in the day.

Sunny Troutbeck.

The long distance view were so clear today. Down there is Windermere, behing that are the Coniston Fells and in the far distance is Black Combe.

Today's cute lamb pictures, plus the one which looks like it spent the last 30 minutes in a tumble drier. See if you know which one I mean.

Dubbs Reservoir. A lovely spot but signs are telling me (and you) to keep out or face prosecution.
"What's the white thing in the reeds"

, , , it's a swan.


Sour Howes, seen from Dubbs Road.

That makes it easier to point out.
The dark bit on the skyline is Wansfell Pike summit.

Walking along Longmire Road (track). This would take me back to Garburn Pass where I was at earlier.

A close up of part of Troutbeck.

Compare this picture to third one and you'll see how quickly the snow has melted.

Jesus Church, Troutbeck.

I told you I'd be looking at the daffodils.

And again.
What a great walk, , , I really enjoyed that; apart from the lack of sunshine on the daffodils, but you can't have everything in life.

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