12th May 2013

Gowbarrow before the rain came


Walk Overview
Time 07.30 to 10.00 am
Duration 2 he 30 min
Distance 3.5 mile
Ascent 1100 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Park Brow - High Force - Gowbarrow Fell - Gowbarrow Park - Aira Force - Park Brow
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Aira Force, Parkgate Farm

This is what I always call the top Aira Force car park and for no particular reason this is the one I prefer to set out from. This is the car park where you're most likely to get a parking space during the busier times of year.

Parking is free.


Route Map

It's a good job it's only 7.30 otherwise I wouldn't be standing here taking this picture.

It's only a short walk across the field from the car park to the woods but a pair of wellingtons would definitely come in handy.

There was plenty of water running down here today, but obviously not as much as there was in the not too distant past. More about that soon.

Following the path next to Aira Beck.
"what's that smell"
"I know what it is, the question is; where is it coming from"

It's a bit hard to see, , ,   , , , so here's a blurry close up. Cow or sheep? I couldn't tell.

Moving on; we cross the bridge onto the opposite side of the beck.

Public information / request.

Leaving the woods behind to gain the open countyside.

Looking back; Place Fell fills the centre of the picture.

Sunshine on Watermillock Common.

A view across to Dockray.

Black clouds and dark shadows / Blue sky and sunshine.

Looking to the southern end of Ullswater.

Gowbarrow Fell summit in front of Great Mell Fell and Little Mell Fell.

And now in front of a very dark looking Blencathra.

I was also joined at the summit by Jennifer. She took the slightly longer but much less muddy route than I did.
Above and slightly to the left of Jennifer is Sheffield Pike, above that is Catstye Cam.

Ullswater seen from the Bernard Pike end of Gowbarrow Fell.

"What can ya see"
"look on the next picture and you'll find out"


and this is what you see from the other side of the bridge.

Place Fell and Ullswater.

I can't believe I'd forgotten about this so I can only assume I've never noticed it before. 1 out of 10 for observation !


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