17th May 2013

Whiteside to Ladyside Pike and above Lorton Vale


Walk Overview
Time 2.00 to 5.30 pm
Duration 3 hr 30 min
Distance 6.5 mile
Ascent 2600 ft
Walking with On my own
Lanthwaite Green - Whin Ben - Whiteside - Hopegill Head - Ladyside Pike - Hope Beck - path above Lorton Vale - Lanthwaite Green
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Lanthwaite Green

A reasonable sized car park that tends to be quite popular, although having said that, this is somewhere I've never failed to get parked. Presumably the occupants of most of the cars would head straight across to the steep ridge up to Whiteside or the Gasgale Gill route up to Coledale Hause.

Parking Is free.


Route Map

I had a few different options in mind today. And as it seemed to be sunnier around here I went for the Whiteside to Ladyside Pike option. In the end, the blue sky didn't last long so perhaps one place would have been just as good as any another. Never mind, it was still very enjoyable and really quite warm when the sun did put in an appearance.

Looking around to the right you see Grasmoor.

Hope Beck taken from the new(ish) bridge.

You don't need to gain much height at all to get a view through the whole of Lorton Vale.

You also get a good view of the Loweswater area from here as well.
The car park is down there on the left hand side of the photo.

It took me ages to find this. I could hear it okay but from a distance it was blending is with the background.

It seems that someone up there has decided to save electricity and turn the light out. At least they didn't turn on the sprinkler system as well.

A view down to Gasgale Gill. Despite it being called Gasgale Gill, the beck itself is called Liza Beck.

On the opposite side of Gasgale Gill is this ridge up onto Grasmoor. It's a route I've never taken but I'm sure I'll get across there someday.

Whiteside summit.

Looking ahead to Hopegill Head; the higher pointed fell on the right.

Whiteside. Down there on the left is Crummock and behind that is Mellbreak.

Further along the ridge you get this view down to the Lanthwaite Green / Crummock end of Gasgale Gill.

Almost at Hopegill Head. You can just make out someone walking down the skyline over there. That was the first of only two people I saw on the whole walk.

Zooming in a little bit for a view across the top of Causey Pike, over Bleaberry Fell and High Seat and onto the Eastern fells.

Before I head down the slabs to Ladyside Pike I took this picture looking back across the whole of the ridge from Whiteside.

Down the slabs I go.

And now viewed from the side. Despite the obvious steepness, it's still possible walk down here without needing to use hands as well as feet. It would be a completely different matter if it were wet. In which case I wouldn't be walking down here.

This time seen from underneath.

Hopegill Head seen from Ladyside Pike summit.

A close up of Blencathra enjoying the sunshine. In the far distance you can see the Pennines still hanging onto a little bit of snow.

Instead of dropping down to the sheepfold end of Hope Gill as I normally do, I decided to continue alongside the wall until I was just about at the point where I could head straight down to the Lorton end of Hope Gill.

Looking back to Ladyside Pike.

And again.


Crossing Hope Beck was easier said than done today. I know it's not very wide but it was still too far for me to jump across in one go. My theory is; if I walk through the water quickly enough it doesn't get a chance to pour over the top of the boots. This is a bad idea in winter just in case it fails.

Mission accomplished and I begin the lovely walk back to the car above Lorton Vale.

Coldgill Beck.

2nd prize in todays sheep fancy dress competition goes to this lady dressed as a badger with a starfish on its head.   and the winner, who spent a considerable time dressing up as a chimney sweep is, , , , ,

Lorton Vale.

I'm nearing Lanthwaite Green and the end of the walk now. Up on the lift is Grasmoor and Red Pike can be seen on the far skyline.

And to finish, a picture of the new(ish) bridge over Hope Beck.

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