24th May 2013

Ravenglass and Newtown Knott on a very windy afternoon


Walk Overview
Time 1.30 to 4.00 pm
Duration 2hr 30 min
Distance 3.9 mile
Ascent 300 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Ravenglass - Walls Castle - Newtown - Newtown Knott - Newtown - Muncaster Castle entrance - A595 - Ravenglass
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ravenglass village

Although it doesn't feel like it, Ravenglass is still part of the Lake District, but unlike most other places, it has more parking spaces than it's ever likely to need. There is a large car park in the centre of the village and of course the car park next to the La'al Ratty.

Parking is NOT free anymore !!


Route Map

It may have been a lovely afternoon but it wasn't half windy. So, rather than fight on with the wind somewhere, we had the idea of walking at Ravenglass. This is a great place to visit with plenty of options for walks and lots of interest thrown in for good measure. I have to admit however, that Ravenglass is as different from the Lake District we're all familiar with as a kipper is to a piece of cheesecake.

Heading along the beach which runs parallel to the main street. We'll walk up and down the main street later.



Seen better days.

Not what you'd expect to see on a walk in the Lake District, but yes, this is still inside the national park.


The walk along the shoreline is all but too short. It would be nice if it lasted for another couple of mile but leave it we must.

Heading towards Walls Castle.

On route to Newtown we passed by Walls Castle, Roman Bath House. If you want to find out a bit more, you can come along and visit yourself or even easier, you can read the two information boards I took pictures of.



Today, we ascended the lofty heights of Newton Knott; that's it up there. Don't laugh, , , I know it's not very high, but the views are really good.

"See, I told you the red jacket wouldn't blend in with the background"

At the top now and looking across to fells around Devoke Water - south of Eskdale.

A long distance view of Black Combe.


Looking across to the sand dunes.


A lovely woodland walk takes us from Newtown to the entrance of Muncaster Castle.


I suppose we could have tipped it over to get rid of the water, but as seen as though there were no oars, we couldn't have went out on the water anyway.

Eventually you find yourself at the entrance to Muncaster Castle. It's years since we've been around the grounds and the castle but if we were to visit again, this would be the best time of year.

and here's the reason.




It's a good job I glanced at the ground otherwise this would have been squashed under by boots.


Time flies by when I'm the driver of a train
And I ride on the footplate there and back again

(younger visitors may wonder what I'm talking about) (actually, I'm singing not talking)



Just time for a quick walk up and down the main street.


One last picture before we head home to show a builder a small job we're wanting done. He didn't turn up !!, , , , no wonder so many businesses go under.

David Hall -
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