26th May 2013

Carrock Fell, High Pike and West Fell


Walk Overview
Time 9.30am to 1.50pm
Duration 4 hr 20 min
Distance 6.1 mile
Ascent 1700 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Apron full of Stones - Further Gill Sike - Carrock Fell - Round Knott - Miton Hill - High Pike - West Fell - Quaker Hill - road back to the car
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Mungrisdale Common (Apronful of Stones)

I don't suppose there'll ever be a problem with finding a space along here. The narrow road seems to go on for ever with a seemingly endless choice of roadside places to park. The best place is next to the disused pits next to the area called Apronful of Stones.


Route Map

Today we headed onto Carrock Fell and High Pike for a walk in this quiet corner of the northern fells. High Pike is in Jennifer's top two favourite fells so this was her walk, her route and I just went where I was told (more or less).

This is part of Mungrisdale Commons, the flat area of ground that brings the northern section of the Lake District to a gentle end before it eventually gives way to the greener farm land.

There's a steep beginning to this walk so it's a case of setting off in first gear and slowly plodding your way up the fellside.

and then it gets really steep.

Now looking back down. Don't loose your balance otherwise you end up rolling back down to the road.

A short way from the top you get this view across the north western countryside of Cumbria; albeit a little hazy today.

Heading to Carrock Fell summit.

What a great viewpoint. In the far distance you can see Skiddaw Little Man, Skiddaw and Bakestall. The high point on the right is Knott.

Still at the top and now looking around to High Pike.

Another view of High Pike, this time taken from the flatter ground below Carrock Fell summit.
If you've been up here you may already know just how wet it can be, but just take notice how dry it looks today.

Looking across to Knott.

Clouds building up over High Pike.

It's easy walking across here, but no less enjoyable. High Pike is over there on the right.

Looking back to Carrock Fell.

Just below High Pike we crossed this broad track close to the point where the Cumbria way runs down from High Pike summit. Looking this way the track takes you towards Lingy Hut   and in this direction, you skirt around the side of High Pike and down to the many old mine working found in the area.

High Pike summit. I've never noticed those two head stones before.

Jennifer suggested walking down West Fell as a route to get back to the car. Good choice as it turned out because it kept us in the sunshine for a little bit longer.

Blimey, this is a big hole. I've often wondered how the mining people know where to start digging if the whole place was covered with grass. I assumed they must be really clever and spend lots of time looking for subtle changes in the colour of the soil or something. Now I know the just come up here a start digging holes at random.

In the sunshine, out of the breeze and leaning against a stone which is perfectly shaped as a back rest.


Looking back up West Fell to High Pike.

It could only happen in this country couldn't it. Sitting in the shade, jackets on to keep warm and a picnic spread out on the ground. Actually it reminds me of when I was a youngster. I must have spent many a happy afternoon playing in a beck like this, except I don't think we had such posh chairs as this family.
If you look carefully, one of those rocks isn't actually a rock at all.

Crossing the ford by the dry route.

Almost back at the car now and although the final section follows a road, you don't actually need to walk on it. It's quite a nice walk back really, except for the black clouds overhead.

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