27th July 2013

Dodd Wood, Dodd and St Bega's Church Bassenthwaite


Walk Overview
Time 10:00am to 1:00pm
Duration 3 hr
Distance 6.3 mile
Ascent 1700 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Dodd Wood - Long Doors - Dodd - Dodd Wood - Mirehouse - St Bega church - Old Plantation - Dodd Wood
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car Park, Dodd Wood, Bassenthwaite

With the country house at Mirehouse and Dodd Wood itself sharing the same car park, it's pot luck whether you'll get a space here during the summer months. The good news is that a little further along the A591 (driving away from Keswick) there a couple of places where you can generally manage to get parked. Of course you're then left with the need to follow the footpath back to the main car park, but needs must I suppose.

There is a charge at the main car park, but the alternatives along the road are free. There's also a good tea room at Dodd Wood.


Route Map

We parked in one of the free parking places about half a mile further along the road from the main Dodd Wood car park today. Two reasons; the first one because it's free and also because it fits in perfectly if you choose to include a walk across to St Bega's church at the end of the walk.
I know you have the main road nearby but it's quite a nice woodland walk along here.

This is the forestry road / track through Longside Wood. It offers a more direct and easier to follow route up than the other side of the fell where you need to navigate through the many path that crisscross the woods. Once you've been here a couple of times finding your way becomes obvious and it doesn't matter which route you choose.

Derwent Water and Keswick seen from the path above Long Doors.

Looking up to Dodd summit.

One more section of woods to walk through and then, , ,

, , , it was out into the open where you can enjoy views like this.

A steady climb takes you to the summit.

Dodd summit, plagued with midges.


A close up of the northern end of Bassenthwaite Lake.

It was so hot and humid today so in a way I was pleased we were only out for a short walk. I don't mind the heat, but the humidity makes it harder going for me.

A last look up to the summit as we make our way back down.


A view across to Barf, Lord's Seat and Whinlatter.


Back in the woods now for the last part of the walk down to the main Dodd Wood car park.

The old sawmill tearoom, , , , and ice cream sellers.

Mirehouse gardens.

The secret garden. Actually, it's not a secret at all, you just have to pay to get in.

What a great place. You can just imagine the activity that went on here in the past; the clattering of the carriages and the sound of horses hooves on the cobbles.


I'm not tight fisted, I've just never talked myself into having a proper look around Mirehouse and the grounds. To be honest, the thing that puts me off is that there never seems to be anyone else here. If I did happen to buy a ticket I'd then stick out like sore thumb looking around the place on my own. I'd rather blend in with a crowd and enjoy places like this without anyone actually noticing I'm there at all.

A look back towards Mirehouse and Dodd.

When the sheep are sitting in the shade like this you don't need a thermometer to tell you it's hot.

St Bega's Church, Bassenthwaite.




Lunch with a view across to Lord's Seat.


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