22nd August 2013

A sunny evening on Dent


Walk Overview
Time 5 to 7pm
Duration 2 hr
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1300 ft
Walking with On my own
Wath Bridge - Nannycatch Road - Nannycatch Gate - Dent - Black How - Wath Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Wath Bridge, Cleator Moor

There isn't a huge selection of walks that can be done from here. In fact the only real option is Flat Fell and Dent. I know these can be walked by a few different routes, but that's about it.

One piece of useless information is that one of the fields next to the bridge is the western most point in the Lake District.


Route Map

It was clearing up and warming up nicely so I had a walk over Dent this evening. A local fell for me found close to home and just right for an after work walk when the nights are beginning to cut in again.

A view back down Nannycatch Road. I hadn't realised it had been raining (perhaps it hadn't). Anyway, what ever the reason, all the bits of road in shadow were wet and there was that lovely small of damp earth filling the air. A sure sign that Autumn isn't too far away.

Just past the car park at the top of the road, you enter the open fellside and begin the mile long walk down to Nannycatch Gate.

Lank Rigg comes into view as I head down hill to Nannycatch Gate.


I'm at Nannycatch Gate now and although there is actually a wooden gate behind me, I think it's the area, rather then the gate itself that gives the place it's name.

There was lots of water flowing through here today which reminded me of the time quite a few years ago when I cycled through here after days of very heavy rain. The whole place was under water and I decided to be clever and cycle through it anyway. Needless to say I didn't make it the whole way without having to stop. And once I had stopped I couldn't get the thing going again so I had to push the bike through the valley. I had very wet and very cold feet on the ride home.


Dent might be seen as a quick and easy fell to walk over but don't be fooled, the walk up this side is as steep as almost any 'walking' route you care to mention in the Lake District.

Looking across to Flat Fell (left), Blakeley Rise (right) and the Loweswater fells in the distance.

Flying ants were absolutely everywhere around here, all over the ground, all over the grass, all over the stile I'd just climbed and, , , , ,

, , , , all over me. I know they're a bit itchy, but at least they don't bite.

A longer distance view across to the Lakeland fells.

And a look across to the west coast.

A close up of Sellafield.

This couple I talked to for awhile were on the first day of their Coast to Coast walk. They certainly had a nice end to the day. I just hope they aren't bothered about being attacked by flying ants.

The big cairn on Dent summit.

The right hand gateway takes you through the woods which are prone to be wet and muddy so I took the path on the left which is prone to be dry and clean.

I wonder who the Economic Forestry Group are.


Back at Wath Brow and starting to feel a bit hungry. As soon as I walked through the front door, Jennifer suggested I "hurry up and get a shower" and the reason, " because your tea is nearly ready", , , , excellent.

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