24th August 2013

Sergeant's Crag and Eagle Crag


Walk Overview
Time 12:15 to 4:45pm
Duration 4 hr 30 min
Distance 5.9 mile
Ascent 1900 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Stonethwaite - Greenup Gill - Sergeant's Crag - Eagle Crag - Greenup Gill - Stonethwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Stonethwaite

Despite there only being spaces for about 5 cars next to the phone box this is somewhere I've only failed to get to get parked on one occasion. Found in the middle of Stonethwaite, this about as good as it gets for sheer variety of walks.

There is also a small parking area just before the main village. It is more of a lay-by than anything else but there is room for about a dozen cars.

Parking is free and for those wishing to eat or drink after a walk the hotel / pub is less than a minutes walk further into the village.


Route Map

It was forecast for low cloud this morning (they were right) and for brighter conditions to win through in the afternoon (again, they were right). So, rather than set off at a more respectable time we waited until midday and did a walk in ever brightening conditions.

It was very quiet in Stonethwaite today. In fact, it was very quiet on the whole walk. Having said that, the drive through Keswick was a nightmare so I can assume the towns are still attracting the bank holiday crowds even if the fells aren't.

Eagle Crag seen from the walk through the valley to Greenup Gill.

and a view back along the path.

Blimey, it looks like we've stumbled upon a crime scene. Perhaps some of the people that came to Stonethwaite camp site in search of a bit of peace and quiet at took matters into their own hands (more on that later).


Looking back down Greenup Gill.


This is the bigger of the waterfalls found on the walk up Greenup Gill.

Lining Crag.

To get to Sergeant's Crag, we left the main Greenup Gill route and Jennifer leads the way over Greenup Gill and up onto the fellside below our first fell of the walk..

Low White Stones / High Raise seen just before we crossed the wall.

Just below Sergeant's Crag summit. In the far distance you can see the Skiddaw fells and Blencathra.

Sergeant's Crag summit in front of High Raise. The small (from here) pointed fell is the top bit of Pike O'Stickle.

"is that pointed one Bow Fell where we were the other week"
"it is yes"
"so that must be Crinkle Crags on the left of it and Esk Pike on the right"

A little bit of brightness on Eagle Crag.

A view across to Dale Head (the highest one straight ahead) Hindscarth (the dark one to the right of Dale Head) and High Spy (the light one to the right of Hindscarth).

Almost at Eagle Crag summit and it looks like Jennifer is in a rush to get there first.

A view down to a sunny Borrowdale.

And a close up.

A long distance view across to Blencathra.

Eagle Crag summit in front of High Raise and Sergeant's Crag..

On route back down to Greenup Gill.

Crossing back over Greenup Gill was done a little lower downstream than the outward crossing. Lower down generally means more water and getting over here was not as easy as it was earlier.

Eagle Crag always looks impressive from this angle.

Looking back up the Greenup Gill path. The dark craggy fell up there is Lining Crag.

Well, it seems like the later start has paid off today.

Eagle Crag and Sergeant's Crag.

Stonethwaite campsite always seems a noisy place to me. For some reason one or more of the campers usually assumes everyone else wants to hear their thump, thump, thump music blasting out.

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