13th September 2013

Caw and Stickle Pike


Walk Overview
Time 1:30 to 3:40 pm
Duration 2 hr 10 min
Distance 4.1 mile
Ascent 1700 ft
Walking with On my own
Kiln Bank Cross - Park Head Road - Caw - Broadslack - Park Head Road - Stickle Tarn - Stickle Pike - Kiln Bank Cross
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Kiln Bank Cross, Duddon Valley

I suppose it all depends where you've came from, but this spot could understandably be described a being rather out of the way and difficult to get to. Those who are prepared to go 'out of their way' will be pleased they did, for this is a peaceful area of the Lake District with fells of modest height and beautiful countryside.

The parking spaces are found at the highest point on the road between Duddon Valley and Broughton Mills.


Route Map

I was promised an afternoon of patchy sunshine, but sadly that particular promise was broken and instead, I was given high cloud. There was almost no wind so this made it quite warm walking in the sheltered spots.
I'm not sure of the reason, but the people down there were being very particular in selecting small stones. These were then placed in a bucket ready to be taken away.

Whitfell and Hesk Fell seen from Park Head Road.

This is the point I left Park Head Road and headed across to Caw. On the other side of the valley you can see Harter Fell.

I've been up this way many times before and although the rocks and crags appear to be a bit off putting, picking out a route between them is problem free. Caw is a conical shaped fell so as long as you head up hill, you cannot fail to reach the summit so the route up doesn't actually matter..

A close up of a small section of the Duddon Valley.

Another view across to the Whitfell / Hesk Fell area.

Below Caw summit.

Standing at the summit and looking across to Stickle Pike and Black Combe.

In the opposite direction you look across towards the Coniston fells.


A close up of Stickle Pike.

Zooming in on part of the Duddon Estuary.

Back down I go, aiming for the flat(ish) ground down there.

Old Park Beck.

Looking back across to the side of Caw.


Back on Park Head Road now and if you're interested in old mine workings there are a few for you to explore in the area. Or as I did, look at them without actually going in.



A view across to Caw as I make my way up to Stickle Pike.

Another old mine is passed on route.


Over there is Great Stickle; another great place to walk and not at all unrealistic to add onto the walk I did today.

Stickle Pike summit above Duddon Valley. On the opposite side of the valley are Green Crag and Harter Fell.

and now in front of Caw.

That's part of my route home over there (Birker Fell Road). Up past the houses, through the trees and out onto the high level route between Duddon Valley and Eskdale.

Stickle Tarn.

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