22nd September 2013

Heughscar Hill from Pooley Bridge


Walk Overview
Time 9 to 11:30am
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 4.4 mile
Ascent 700 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Pooley Bridge - Roehead - Cockpit Stone Circle - Heughscar Hill - Heugh Scar - Roehead - Pooley Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Pooley Bridge

This is just one of a couple of large car parks found in Pooley Bridge, and for those simply wanting to look around the village, it couldn't be more convenient. For those wanting a much longer walk onto the Heughscar Hill / Arthur's Pike area it may not be quite as convenient, but it still offers a very pleasant walk from the village to the fells.

Needless to say there is a charge for the privilege of using this car park.


Route Map

There was a mixture of sunshine and dark clouds as we got ready to leave Pooley Bridge. Thankfully the sunshine was never far away and dark clouds never amounted to much so we had a nice couple of hours out.

It was almost deserted as we walked through Pooley Bridge this morning. Deserted, and very warm in the sunshine.

The end of the last house in the village was on the right hand side of this picture until I used modern technology to remove it. From here we crossed the road and headed up to Roehead.

The sunshine and shadows were lovely through here today. You had to be quick to catch it at the right moment but some of the pictures I took aren't too bad.

Looking across the wide open fellside to Arthur's Pike.

Turning around for a view back down to Pooley Bridge and Ullswater.

The Cockpit Stone Circle in front of Arthur's Pike.


These are a few of the 16 horses we passed near Heughscar Hill summit.

"Hang on a minute, I've found a load of sultanas laying near the cairn"

This one makes 17 but I suspect it's a bit too posh to be friends with the other horses on Heughscar Hill.

Even though this is an out of the way, small and a fell which is overlooked by most people, you can't deny the view is as good as you'll get from almost anywhere.

Limestone near / on Heugh Scar.

This is the side of Heugh Scar's scar.

Heading back down now and although we hadn't walked far it was getting towards the time for something to eat.

And this is the view we had as we ate.

"Why don't we pick some and make a crumble for tea. We could put some of those sultanas in as well"
"Okay, if you feel that strongly about it we can leave the sultanas out"
"We've got nowt to put them in anyway"
"We could use your coat pocket or if you're not keen on that, why not use the carrier bag the sandwiches were in"

That's it for today folks. It might have been short but still very enjoyable, so go on, next time you haven't much time or if you don't want to walk very far try this one.

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