13th October 2013

Low Dam, High Dam, Finsthwaite, then a walk around Hawkshead


Walk Overview
Time 11:15am to 1pm
Duration 1 hr 45 min
Distance 2.3 mile
Ascent 410 ft
Walking with Jennifer
High Dam Car park - Low Dam - High Dam - Low Dam - Finsthwaite - High Dam Car Park
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car Park, High Dam, Finsthwaite

Found on the outskirts of the lovely little village of Finsthwaite, this car park is well enough hidden amongst the trees to prevent it intruding upon the peacefulness of the village.

The car park is only a short walk from Low and High Dam tarns.

The car park is not free anymore.


Route Map



We only had a short walk today taking in Low / High Dam and Finsthwaite. Because of all the woodland, you don't get the big views in this area but it still gives pleasant enough walking. I took this photo shortly after leaving the car park to begin heading through the woods to Low and High Dam.



Low Dam is passed first and although it may not be the most picturesque of places, it still makes for a nice short walk. To state the obvious, a little bit of sunshine would help.

Low Dam reflections.

High Dam's dam.

High Dam is much bigger and offers a nice walk if you care to take in a full circuit of the tarn.


A short section of boardwalk allows you to cross the boggy bit with dry feet.



Full circuit completed and now we head back down through the woods before crossing the fields to reach Finsthwaite.



A gate designed for thin people took us off the fields and into the village.


Inside Finsthwaite Church.




Yes, you're probably correct when you say I need to get out more, but I couldn't help but notice the music at the top of the picture is from Handel's Oratorio Messiah.

Finsthwaite, seen from the church yard.

Finsthwaite Church.

With plenty of time on our hands we headed up the road to Hawkshead and had a look around there. Not bad timing as it turned out because the sun was shining the whole time we were there (here).





Flag Street Hawkshead 2013

and a few years ago. , , , , , I didn't take this picture.




Inside Hawkshead church.




Blimey, by the look on the sky it's going to bucket down anytime soon.

Seen better days.

Over Hawkshead rooftops to Latterbarrow.


This is what I like to see; Jennifer coming out of a cake shop with a bag in her hand.
"What did you buy"
"Two 'big' pieces of carrot cake"
"Great, we'll have them when we get back to the car"
"We can't"
"Why not"
"It'll be a bit messy to eat with our hands"
"Didn't they sell plastic forks or spoons"
"I don't think so"
"Didn't you ask"
"Errrr, , , , No"
So, stomachs remained empty and as a result, two 'big' pieces of carrot cake were not eaten in the car, instead, we placed them on the back seat so they wouldn't slide about on the way home.

Two 'big' pieces of carrot cake with a Nutri-Grain bar adding scale.

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