15th October 2013

Nether Wasdale and Wast Water


Walk Overview
Time 12:40 to 2:40pm
Duration 2 hr
Distance 4.4 mile
Ascent Not much
Walking with Jennifer
Cinderdale Bridge - Mill Place - Scale Bridge - Ashness How - Wastdale road - Wast Water - Wasdale Hall - Low Wood - Lund Bridge - woodhow - road to Nether Wasdale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Nether Wasdale

This is somewhere that I don't seem to walk from very often, which is a shame because there is some lovely countryside in this area. On a few of the times I have began walks here I've simply parked the car in the roadside parking area next to the church. Now, we're asked politely to use the car park 450 yards further down the road.


Route Map

Occasionally, if you want to spend time in the loveliest of places Lakeland has to offer you shouldn't even think about setting foot on any of the fells. And the area around Nether Wasdale is just such a place. Crisscrossed with paths, tracks and narrow roads, a walk here makes for a very satisfying outing indeed.


A short way along the lonning and we passed Mill Place.

Buckbarrow rises high above the trees, but it isn't as close as the picture makes it look.

Sheltered from the breeze and walking in warm sunshine, fantastic.


Does exactly what it says on the tin!
It was nice to see this old stile gate being still being used. Although, it's a bit of a drawback if you need to open to close the gate in a hurry.

Buckbarrow, Middle Fell and the dark fell behind the tree; Yewbarrow.

A view through to the head of the valley shows we're fortunate to be walking in the sunshine.


Middle Fell and Yewbarrow.

There was quite a strong breeze blowing down Wast Water this afternoon and although the wind was coming in our direction, the clouds seemed to be moving away from us.

Down by the lake now and looking across to The Screes.

A close up of Lingmell, topped with cloud.

Our route took us through the grounds of Wasdale Hall. A lovely building but as I said at the time, "if we lived in this you'd need to spend all your time hoovering and cleaning while I went out walking on my own". Jennifer's reply cannot be published here !


A sort of close up of the Wasdale Head end of the lake. Yewbarrow is the only fell not topped with cloud.

Low Wood, seen from the headland next to the boat house.

The boat house.


I'm sure someone out there would be able to pinpoint exactly where the lake ends and the River Irt begins, but when you're walking here the lake seems a little reluctant to give itself up. It narrows by the boat house and the widens again and even at this point the water doesn't appear to be flowing very much at all.

Sunshine in Low Wood.

Lund Bridge. We didn't cross the bridge today, instead, we turned left, followed the river for a short way and then headed up to the road at Woodhow Farm.

At the road next to Woodhow Farm and looking across to the crags above The Screes.

Looking in two directions at the same time.

It may have a strange name, but what a location!

Depending on your point of view, this could be described as a luxury or a dilemma.

Nether Wasdale Church.

And on the inside.

David Hall -
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