24th October 2013

Loughrigg Fell, Lily Tarn and Ambleside


Walk Overview
Time 9:30am to 1:20pm
Duration 3 hr 50 min
Distance 6.6 mile
Ascent 1700 ft
Walking with On my own
Rydal - Rydal Water - Rydal Caves - Loughrigg Terrace - Loughrigg Fell - Lily Tarn - Miller Bridge - Ambleside - Rydal Park - Rydal Hall - Rydal
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking next to Rydal Church

The roadside parking area runs from the church up hill towards Rydal Mount. Even though there is room for quite a few cars, this is a very popular place indeed and you will need to arrive early if you hope to get a space.

Just around the corner you'll find the Badger Bar offering food and drink.

The parking is actually free, but there is an honest box on the fence next to the church for those who are grateful for a days cheap parking.


Route Map

Today was forecast to be the only decent day of the whole week; including the weekend. So, not wanting to miss out on the autumn colours and what may be the only walk in over a week, I took the day off and headed around to Rydal to have a wander over Loughrigg Fell. Part of me was saying I should have spent the day on the higher fells but if I'd done that, I'd have missed all this; and that would have been a real shame.

It was nice and calm and quiet next to Rydal Water and after standing here for no more than a couple of minutes, I can totally understand why people would want to find a nice spot like this and then sit all day with a fishing rod. If ever the time comes when I can't manage the fell walking that's one thing I'd really like to try. In fact, I had a look in a book shop the other day for a book "fishing for dummies". Complete waste of time as it turned out. All the books they had were for people wanting to catch fish!

Nab Scar reflections in Rydal Water.

Instead of following the lakeside path, I headed up to Rydal Caves.

That's Nab Scar again, this time taken from the path between the cave and Loughrigg Terrace.


Zooming in on the end of the lake.

A view over the High Close area to Pike O'Blisco, Crinkle Crags, Bow Fell (topped with cloud) and the Langdale Pikes.

Loughrigg Terrace was in shade as I walked along and took this picture. It's getting to be the time of year when you're unable to avoid walking in the shade for at least some time on most walks.

Over there you can see quite a lot of the Fairfield Horseshoe although from this angle it looks nowt like a horseshoe. On the left hand edge of the picture is Dunmail Raise. It doesn't look like much of a hill from here.

I had Loughrigg Fell summit to myself today.

A close up of High Close.

and a close up of Elterwater.

The Langdale Pikes in the distance..

After crossing the main track which runs from Miller Brow over to Loughrigg Tarn, I headed across to Lily Tarn. On route I took this picture looking across to the Coniston fells. The highest point on the skyline in the distance is Wetherlam.

Lily Tarn was a place of utter peacefulness today. There wasn't a sound to be heard, there wasn't even the slightest of breezes to disturb things and most surprisingly of all, the sun was quite warm. Absolutely magical.

Lily Tarn again, this time from the slightly higher ground next to the tarn.

This is the small pool found near Lily Tarn. With the clear conditions, it offered a nice foreground for a long distance picture of Ill Bell and Froswick.

Ambleside and Wansfell Pike seen from the craggy area next to Lily Tarn.

After taking this photo of Red Screes, a band of cloud moved in from the south and I was beginning to think I'd had my allocation of sunshine for the day.

Miller Bridge.

This is better. Blue sky and sunshine had returned by the time I was walking through Ambleside.
"Did you go in the bakery for a bath bun."
"No not today."
"Why not.
"Well, you see I was on my own and I wasn't exactly sure how to do it."
"What do you mean."
"There's only one experienced shopper in our house and unfortunately she was at work today. Actually, there were a few people in the shop and I couldn't be bothered waiting."

The Bridge House.

Nab Scar and Heron Pike seen across Rydal Park.

It was lovely walking through Rydal Park today and as nice as it was at the moment, the puddles give a bit of a hint at the weather we've had over the previous few days.

An interesting sky above an interesting tree.



The Grot (the building not the waterfall).

The Angel, carved out of stone brought here from York Minster.

Inside the building you get an intentionally framed picture of the waterfalls. There isn't much room so it was a little difficult to get in the best position today because there were other people inside.

"go on then, say something to make me laugh"


The Quiet Garden; and it certainly was.

Rydal Hall.

It looks like someone takes a lot of pride in their lawn.

And to finish, a photo of the leaf litter in the woods behind Rydal Hall.

David Hall -
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