3rd November 2013

Sunshine and showers at Easedale Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 11:10am to 2:40pm
Duration 3hr 30 min
Distance 5.9 mile
Ascent 1100 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Grasmere - Butharlyp Howe - Easedale - Sourmilk Gill - Easedale Tarn - Stythwaite Steps - Easedale Road - Grasmere
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Broadgate, Grasmere

Broadgate is one of the three main car parks found in Grasmere. They all charge what may be considered over the odds, but I suppose parking in an area with so many walking options does come with a high price tag.

In addition to the walking on offer, the car park is within a minutes walk from the centre of Grasmere and everything it has to tempt the visitor.


Route Map

We started today's walk by walking through Butharlyp Howe (Butterlip How). Going this way cuts out the bit between the village and Easedale Road but to be honest, it isn't really any shorter; it's just a nice alternative.

Looking across to Seat Sandal and Fairfield; both with a touch of snow on them.

We turned off Easedale Road now and headed into Easedale proper. What we saw next was quite a surprise.

Easedale Beck had began to flow through a gap in the wall and the path was under water. It was still passable if we walked along the edge although I couldn't help but wonder how deep it would have been if it hadn't stopped raining through night..

"Come on Jennifer, we haven't got time to play in the water"

New Bridge.

The clouds were whizzing across the sky really quickly which meant these nice sunny spells lasted no more than a few minutes. A shame really, because it was very pleasant in the sunshine.

Brimmer Head Farm below Helm Crag.

It was beautifully clear when the sun lit up a large area. Over there are Stone Arthur and Heron Pike.

A close up of Sourmilk Gill waterfalls.

With a little height gained you get a fine view back down to Easedale.

I can't remember the last time I saw this much water pouring down here.

We hadn't intended to walk right round the tarn but the outflow had too much water to make a comfortable crossing.

There was a group of four people ahead of us that backed out of crossing here because the water was a bit too deep. I don't know what they thought when they saw us two walk straight across (through it). Wearing waterproof trousers definitely helps, but if the beck isn't very wide, and you walk across quickly enough, you can generally get to the other side with dry feet even if the water is above ankle deep.

Looking across Easedale Tarn. Although it was very wet and boggy across here it was the only realistic way of getting safely from one side of Sourmilk Gill to the other.

Water, water everywhere.


It look like this shower is going to last a while. That's Tarn Crag up on the skyline.

This is why we couldn't get across.

Waterproofs and stepping stones; both essential when walking across here in these conditions.

Looking into Far Easedale.

Crossing the bridge at Stythwaite Steps. Some of the stepping stones are still there but they were under water today.

We made our way back to Grasmere along the track under the western side of Helm Crag.

Back in a sunny Grasmere.

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