9th November 2013

Making the most of it, Ashness Bridge and Watendlath


Walk Overview
Time 12 to 2:15pm
Duration 2 hr 15 min
Distance 5.8 mile
Ascent 900 ft
Walking with On my own
Near Borrowdale Road - Ashness Bridge - Surprise View - Ashness Wood - Road to Watendlath - Watendlath - Watendlath Beck - Ashness Bridge - Near Borrowdale road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, bottom of the Ashness Bridge Road, Borrowdale

A nice and handy little car park that gets you into the Keswick end of Borrowdale, offering easy access to the Ashness Bridge / Watendlath areas and of course Borrowdale itself.

Parking is free, but there are only a limited number of spaces, most of which are often taken up by inconsiderate parking.


Route Map

The invitation to walk was received, a route was suggested, the time and place were agreed and then, a couple of hours before the walk, real life reared its head and I had to back out. It was nearly dinner time before my time was my own again and by then I was tired and the motivation to have a long walk had slipped a bit. Never mind, it was still nice to get some fresh air.

Ashness bridge was crossed and as I looked back to take this picture I could see the snow on the Skiddaw fells in the background.

At Surprise View and looking across to the weather coming my way.

A close up of Keswick launch. I'll bet the passengers were pleased about the canopy over the seats.


Walking through Ashness Woods.

I wonder how many wing mirrors that rock claims every year.

It stopped raining for a while once I'd emerged from Ashness Woods.


I'm always amazed that those trees over there don't get blown over. The wind must roar through here on occasion and there doesn't seem to be that much holding the trees into the ground.
See what I mean.

Watendlath was deserted while I was here. No doubt the inclement weather was putting people of outdoor pursuits today.

I wonder if they bother with MOT and road tax !!


Watendlath Tarn.

and again, seen from the bridge.

and before I leave Watendlath, I took a picture of the bridge itself.

Looking back to Watendlath.

Watendlath Beck.

Time to cross back over Ashness Beck and head into Ashness Woods again.

Two minutes sunshine is better than none at all.

A close up of Chinese Bridge.

Here comes the bride, , , the groom, the bridesmaids and some of the guests.

Ashness Farm

Next to Ashness Bridge is the Bark House Mountain Base '1964' building. I seems to be in pretty good nick ut I've never seen any sign of it being used for anything.

Back at Ashness Bridge. There was a group of photographers above the bridge and as I walked over it, I could almost hear them sighing as if to say I'd ruined their photos.

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