25th Novemebr 2013

A circuit of Loweswater


Walk Overview
Time 2:15 to 3:45pm
Duration 1 hr 30 min
Distance 3.6 mile
Ascent 600 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Roadside near Water End - Hudson Place - Holme Wood - Maggie's Bridge - Loweswater Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Loweswater (waterend)

Assuming that everyone parks properly, there is room for quite a few cars along here. This is my prefered starting point for a circuit of Loweswater or a walk onto the Fellbarrow / Low Fell ridge.


Route Map

A totally rubbish 10 days were brought to an end for us this morning. Once mid afternoon came along the two of us decided there was still enough time left in the day for us to escape for a short walk before sunset. Loweswater is nice and handy for us so we headed here for a bit of peace a quiet.

Jennifer heads across the fields to reach to roadway up to Hudson Place.

Darling Fell.

Just down from Hudson Place you get a view down the lake to Grasmoor and the fells beyond.


The lack of breeze made for some lovely reflections on Loweswater today. Although, with much of the waters edge being lined with trees, we had to be grateful for the open sections like this one offering a view across to Darling Fell and Low Fell.

Decision time. Straight on takes you erm, , , straight on. Turning left takes you down to the side of the lake. We turned left.

Autumn is almost over, the storms have almost stripped the trees bare and the woodland floor now has a lovely carpet of leaves. I don't know about you folk but I have a few childhood habits are impossible to break. Some of them I'll keep to myself but one I'll pass on is not being able to resist walking through leaves like this and kicking them up in the air.




Holme Beck.

Loweswater Bothy. You may like to know I used to be the window cleaner here. The money was quite good while it lasted but they eventually paid me off because there wasn't enough work to keep me going.

More tranquillity.


Looking across to Hen Comb.

and now looking across to Mellbreak.

On the opposite side of the lake now and here you can see Carling Knott and the Black Crag end of Gavel Fell.

And to finish, a view across to Mellbreak and Hen Comb.

David Hall -
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