11th December 2013

Fellbarrow and Low Fell


Walk Overview
Time 10:45am to 1:15pm
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1630 ft
Walking with On my own
Loweswater Road - Mosser Road - Fellbarrow - Sourfoot Fell - Low Fell - Darling Fell - Mosser Road - Loweswater Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Loweswater (waterend)

Assuming that everyone parks properly, there is room for quite a few cars along here. This is my prefered starting point for a circuit of Loweswater or a walk onto the Fellbarrow / Low Fell ridge.


Route Map

That's Darling Fell up there. I'll walking down from there at the end of the walk.

Out of the car, straight across the road and onto the track leading to Askhill Farm and Miresyke.

Looking back down and you get a view across to Hudson Place over on the opposite side of the valley.


"Okay, okay, there's no need to get excited, I'm just taking your picture"

Sunshine on the Mosser Road (Mozzer).

Uninterrupted view across to the west coast.

Fellbarrow summit in front of the Lord's Seat fells, the Skiddaw fells and in the very far distance is Blencathra.

and now looking across to the western fells.

Lorton Vale.

A view back to Fellbarrow.

This is one of a few stiles you need to cross on your route from Fellbarrow to Low Fell. Don't fall backwards when you're climbing over otherwise you'll roll all the way down to Lorton Vale.

A close up of Crummock Water and a little bit of Buttermere.

Another picture looking down to Lorton Vale.

Low Fell summit. The big fell behind the cairn is Grasmoor and the one closest to me on the right of the lake is Mellbreak.

Now looking around to see Whiteside and Grasmoor.

Although the song says "the only way is up", you can actually walk around if you like. There's no path but it is doable.

A view back to Low Fell.

By the time I got to Darling Fell it was clearing up nicely. Perhaps I should have set off an hour or so later.

This is the result of years of wind, rain, hail, snow and frost.

I'm back on the Mo(zz)er Road now and the best advice I can give is, if your satnav suggests driving up this road, get the old paper map out of the car boot and find a different route.

Looking behind me I could see Loweswater, Mellbreak, Hen Comb, Stsrling Dodd and Red Pike.

This is where I turn off and double back down to the Loweswater road via Askhill Farm.

A similar picture to the one before the previous one, this time taken from the track above Askhill Farm.

I know it's a crap picture but the sun lighting up the gate just seemed to catch my eye so I took it's photo.

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