28th December 2013

Red Tarn, Birkhouse Moor and Lanty's Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 9:15am to 12:15pm
Duration 3 hr
Distance 6.6 mile
Ascent 2000 ft
Walking with On my own
Glenridding - Greenside Road - Greenside Mines - Red Tarn Beck path - Red Tarn - Birkhouse Moor - Lanty's Tarn - Glenridding
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Glenridding

Found in the centre of Glenridding, this car park fills up very quickly indeed. Not just because of the amount of walkers heading onto the Helvellyn fells, but with people just wanting to have a walk around the village. Arriving after mid morning during the summer months would be a bit of a hit and miss situation as far as getting a space goes.

To state the obvious; there is a charge for parking here.


Route Map


Well, my plans for the festive break may not have been very grand compared to a lot of folk. They were just a selection of walks I fancied doing; but they were still mine. Unfortunately, and for various reasons, none of them came to fruition. Today I was determined to get up somewhere with a reasonable bit of altitude so I chose Birkhouse Moor from Glenridding. Here you can see Birkhouse Moor from the middle of Glenridding.

Place Fell seen from the cottages on Greenside Road.

And again. Same Place Fell but different cottages.

If only it could have been like this for the whole walk. But we get what we're given and if compared to some of the days we've had recently, today could be described as good weather.

Approaching Greenside Mines.

Lots of water flowing over here today.

Glenridding Beck seen from the bridge. Up on the skyline are Catstye Cam and Helvellyn Lower Man.

Looking in more or less the same direction as the previous picture, this time from the path up to Red Tarn Beck and Red Tarn.


Looking back down the Red Tarn Beck path.

A wintry looking Red Tarn and Helvellyn.

Somebody must be keen.


Looking ahead to Birkhouse Moor. And why did it turn a bit darker? Because a hail shower was coming across from the Helvellyn direction.

Catstye Cam.

A view back along the track to Helvellyn and Catstye Cam.

Not far from Birkhouse Moor now. If the weather happened to turn bad and if visibility becomes a real problem when you're up here, forget about the path and follow the wall instead. It'll take you over Birkhouse Moor and eventually you'll end up at Lanty's Tarn. It's easy to get to Patterdale or Glenridding from there.

A final picture looking back towards Helvellyn and Catstye Cam.

The top of Birkhouse Moor.
I hadn't passed anyone so far but not too long after taking this picture along came a couple walking in the opposite direction. After passing on a hello, the guy asked "aren't you the bloke I was talking to near Skiddaw House at the start of September last year". After I'd thought about it for a moment I realised I probably was. "Blimey, you've got a good memory, I can't even remember who I was talking to yesterday."

The view opens up to show Ullswater, Glenridding, Place Fell and in the far distance are Penrith and the Pennines.

I did try to take this picture looking across to Grisedale but the wall was too high to reach over.

Patterdale and Place Fell enjoy a brief spell of sunshine as another hail shower reminds me just how sensitive my ears are.

As I lost height, the hail turned to rain and it continued to fall for most of the remainder of the walk.

You have a couple of choices here, one would be to continue through the gate and across the side of the fell where at the house in the distance, you have yet more decisions to make. Today, I stayed on this path which runs down hill taking a more direct route back to Glenridding.
Across on the opposite side of the valley is Sheffield Pike and the cottages I walked past earlier in the walk.

Glenridding and Ullswater with Glenridding Dodd on the left of the picture and Gowbarrow Fell in the distance. The two young lasses in the picture seemed to be having a great conversation with the dog which was being carried. I don't suppose the dog was too interested in what they were saying and I also suspect it would rather have been walking under its own steam.


Birkhouse Moor above ( and or ) behind The Croft.

It's a wet day between Christmas and New Year and the number of people in Glenridding reflect the time of year and the conditions.

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