21st May 2014

An evening walk from Nether Wasdale to Wastwater


Walk Overview
Time 4:50 to 6:50pm
Duration 2 hr
Distance 3.7 mile
Ascent not much really
Walking with Jennifer, Helen and Kayleigh
Cinderdale Bridge - Mill Place - Scale Bridge - Ashness How - Wastdale road - Wast Water - Wasdale Hall - Low Wood - Lund Bridge - woodhow - road to Cinderdale Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Nether Wasdale

This is somewhere that I don't seem to walk from very often, which is a shame because there is some lovely countryside in this area. On a few of the times I have began walks here I've simply parked the car in the roadside parking area next to the church. Now, we're asked politely to use the car park 450 yards further down the road.


Route Map


It's midweek, the day has turned out to be as good as it ever gets and we're all heading out for a short walk in the Wasdale area after work. All except Jennifer who, although still heading out for a walk in the Wasdale area, isn't doing it after work; because she doesn't do that on a Wednesday. As we near Mill Place I'm asked if we're allowed to walk through here. We are, but even after years of doing this stuff I still have that feeling that I'm an intruder when I walk through farm yards like this.

I imagine it would be difficult for even the most contrary of people to deny that this is a lovely little walk. Passing through countryside like this, walking alongside Wast Water for a short distance, enjoying the woodland near Wasdale Hall and almost all the way you have views of some of Lakeland's grandest fells.


Scale Bridge.

If someone would chop that tree down you'd have a view of Yewbarrow and Great Gable from here. As it is, you don't, but, you can see Middle Fell, Lingmell and a small part of Scafell Pike & Scafell.

Heading in the direction of Middle Fell, although not ending up anywhere near it.

"What's wrong, couldn't you find a hairbrush"

I've never walked up Middle Fell from Nether Wasdale but the paths that crisscross this area would make it perfectly feasible, assuming you don't mind a long walk in and a long walk back at the end.

A close up of Great Gable.

Seatallan and Middle Fell.

Sunshine and shadows.
Keep this to yourselves but I think there's a secret garden behind that wall.

After a short walk down the road we arrive at Wast Water. It was absolutely perfect here this evening. Crystal clear, no wind, and warm sunshine.

Looking across to The Screes.

We're actually at the waters edge now and here's a picture looking down to Great Gable and Lingmell.


A view down the whole length of Wast Water.

A close up of Yewbarrow, Kirk Fell and Great Gable.

and an even closer close up of Yewbarrow and Kirk Fell.



The boat house, presumably it belonged to Wasdale Hall.

We walked through Low Wood to reach Lund Bridge and although the long distance views were gone for a short while nothing was taken away from the walk. The sun was lighting up the woods, the aroma of wild garlic drifted through the air to remind us that tea time was fast approaching and as for the birds, their song was filling the place with a wonderful selection of tunes; all being sung together to create a counterpoint that would shame the best of the Baroque masters. It was about as pleasant as you could wish for.




We gain only the slightest amount of altitude to reach Woodhow Farm. Here we're looking across to the crags on the side of Whin Rigg.

I'm not sure of these are Goats or that rare breed of long horned brown and white bearded sheep.

Looking across to Buckbarrow and Middle Fell. After pointing out the path up Middle Fell, it was voted a strong contender for another evening walk during summer.

Cinderdale Bridge is found just down the road from the car park. Within a five minutes of taking this picture we were in the car and making our way back to Gosforth to collect the transport we'd left there. It was beginning to cloud over as we drove home but we didn't mind, we've had a really enjoyable couple of hours amongst stunning scenery and all agreed it was a great way to spend an evening.



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