7th February 2015

Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 11

Lankrigg Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 9am to 1:50pm
Duration 4hr 50 min
Distance 7.7 mile
Ascent 2020 ft
Walking with Paul Sharkey
Cold Fell road - Blakeley Moss - Grike - Crag Fell - Black Pots - Whoap - Lank Rigg - Lankrigg Tarn - Lankrigg Moss - River Calder - Cold Fell road
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Cold Fell (Blakeley Moss)

Stretching six miles between Calder Bridge and Ennerdale Bridge, Cold Fell acts as a convenient shortcut across the western most section of the Lake District. There are lots of possible parking places across the Ennerdale half of the route; each one offering its own access onto the fantastically remote fells across this edge of the Lakes.


Route Map


Some folk call it low cloud or fog or sea mist or a host of other things. Whatever you like to call it doesn't really matter, because it was spread right across our section of the coast this morning. Because of this I drove away from home expecting to get very little in the way of views today and I was half wishing we'd arranged to walk a lot further inland. It just shows you shouldn't be to hasty to write off a walk until you actually get there. As it turned out, this ended up being one of those magical fell walks that keep turning up in conversations for years to come.

Would we get a cloud inversion? "I doubt it, the clould just seems to be over by the coast"

Looking ahead to Grike.


We reached Grike summit and couldn't believe our luck. The inversion was completely unexpected but most welcome.
Just one thought though. I didn't think it was supposed to be this hot in February, especially with a bit of snow laying about and the ground still frozen solid.



The communications mast on Grike, silhouetted against Lank Rigg.

It was nice walk across this area without sinking ankle deep in mud and water as you do on most visits here.

Reaching Crag Fell summit was one of those WOW moments.

An inversion view of Great Borne and the Loweswater fells.

Looking over Ennerdale with the High Stile ridge on the left and Pillar on the right.

A close up of Pillar and Steeple

Starling Dodd and Red Pike.

Blake Fell and Carling Knott.

Zooming in on the fells beyond the head of the valley.

Zooming in on Steeple, Scoat Fell and Haycock,

Great Borne with Grasmoor behind on the left and Wandope / Whiteless Pike to the right of it.

Okay, you've probably had enough of looking at fells sticking up above the cloud so here's one of Knock Murton before we leave Crag Fell.

We'd have liked to stand on Crag Fell all day watching the cloud moving about below us but progress had to be made so we headed away from the summit towards Whoap and Lank Rigg.


As we passed through an area of slightly lower ground where all the trees used to be we found ourselves walking through the cloud. I've lightened the picture a bit so you can actually see the place but it was quite dark in here. We likened it to walking through some post apocalyptic world there everything had been destroyed.

"Shouldn't we be walking down hill by now"
"Yeah, lets head back to pick up the path we must have walked right past"

Once it started to clear it seemed to take only seconds for the cloud to vanish and we were walking in warm sunshine again.

We head across to Lank Rigg where we'd see the extent of the inversion across the Solway Firth to Scotland and in a southerly direction as far at the eye could see.

A view across to Caw Fell.


Lank Rigg summit in front of Seatallan and Caw Fell.

And again, this time looking across to Whoap, Crag Fell.

Straight ahead you can see a vary shapely looking Seatallan. In the distance on the left are Scafell and Slight Side.

Just across from the summit is Lankrigg Tarn, which was frozen solid today. I wonder where that aeroplane is heading.



Bing bong, , , ,
"welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen. We're hoping to arrive at Lanzarote airport at 4pm today"
"Lanzarote?, this ones supposed to be going to Barcelona"
"Oops, , , , err, , sorry ladies and gentlemen, we'll be arriving at Barcelona airport at, , , , , , , , "

"Don't follow the aeroplane or God knows where you'll end up"

Zooming in on Black Combe and Whitfell.

Here we cross the infant River Calder. It's not very wide or particularly deep but it's still easier said than done.

Here's a view back to Whoap and Lank Rigg.

Kinniside Common, yes, that was a good place to walk today.

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