15th March 2015

Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 23

Tarns above Finsthwaite


Walk Overview
Time 10:05 am to 12:35 pm
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 4.6 mile
Ascent 1000
Walking with Jennifer
Finsthwaite - Low Dam - High Dam - Finsthwaite - road towards Town End - Boretree Tarn - back to the road - Finsthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Finsthwaite Church

This is quite a large car park belonging to the church. Parking if free with a request for a donation to be put in an honesty box.

Route Map


Today, we drove down to the southern end of Windermere for two short tarn walks, , , , , that's the walks that were short not the tarns. Anyway: here we are outside Finsthwaite Church at five past ten and ready to set off on the first walk which was up to Low & High Dam, then onto Boretree Tarn.



Low Dam.

Sometimes you come to places like this and if there's a shortage of sunshine, there seems to be an obvious lack of colour about the area. Thankfully the family at the far end of the tarn had decided to go to all the trouble of dressing up in brightly coloured outfits. They'd even had the foresight to get themselves a golden coloured dog.

Low Dam's dam,

and High Dam's dam.

High Dam reflections.



We follow an clockwise route around High Dam, on route crossing several bridges over shallow but very muddy looking water.


From a seat with a view.

The short section of boardwalk provides safe & dry passage across the boggy area.

For a tarn High Dam is quite big but a walk right around it doesn't take very long at all. We cross the bridge, turn left and head back down through the woods.

And here we are back in Finsthwaite. From here we walk for a short distance along the road before heading up to Boretree Tarn.

Looking back to Finsthwaite.

Along the road we pass two houses which possibly have the most attractive names you could ever think of.

We make our way up through the woods to reach Boretree Tarn.

Boretree Tarn is another quite large one but it doesn't really cry out to be walked right round. Too many boggy areas and rough ground.



Back down we go, following this track through the fields, past the woods and down to the road we were on earlier.

That was another nice little tarns walk but the day wasn't over yet. We head back to the car, have our dinner and then drive round to the little village of Bouth for another walk.

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