2nd April 2015

Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 29

Tims Tarn and Low Birker Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 2:05 to 4:10pm
Duration 2 hr 5 min
Distance 4.8 mile
Ascent 1000 ft
Walking with On my own
Trough House Bridge - Eskdale Church - Gill force - Tims Tarn - Low Birker - Low Birker Tarn - Low Birker - Tims Tarn - fotpaths back to the car park
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, near Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale

Forget the fells for a moment and consider a lower level route through one of Lakeland's most beautiful valleys. And if Eskdale happens to meet with your approval then this car park could not be a better starting point. Stanley Force is within easy walking distance, on the opposite side of the valley is the La'al Ratty and the little village of Boot. For those with rather more energy, following one of the paths through the valley will offer hours of enjoyable walking.


Route Map


Not far from the car park is Trough House Bridge. If you come here on a hot summers day you'll more than likely see people jumping off the bridge into the water.

A view across to Scafell and Slight Side show we've had another fall of snow on the higher tops.
Snow: brilliant stuff, some of my most enjoyable walks are done in among it but it's April now and I just want it all to melt and the warmer weather to arrive. You could see the back of Skiddaw from my grandparents house and I remember my grandfather saying "Y'll nivver git nee hot weather if yon bit a snow on Skidda doesn't melt "

From the bridge I make my way down this lonning to Eskdale church.

St Catherine's Church Eskdale.

The stepping stones behind the church were passable with care but I didn't need to practice balancing on slippery rocks today as I was heading further through the valley and was able to guarantee myself a dry crossing by using the bridge at Gill Force.

Gill Force crossing. People out for a walk will thing this is a lovely spot, those out collecting waterfalls may leave feeling slightly short changed.

The valley footpath.

The first tarn today was Tims Tarn, found very close to the path through the valley. Pity it looks a bit 'unloved' but it's still a nice spot.


Looking up to Scafell and Slight Side.

While out on my wanderings I've been passing by Low Birker for decades now and I can't remember a time when there wasn't some kind of work being done on the place. Just out of shot were two blokes mixing concrete for some job or other. That's not a criticism; it's just an observation.

Height is gained and I look across to Esk Pike, Bow Fell, Crinkle Crags and Hard Knott.

Looking t'other way I have a view through Eskdale and over to Whin Rigg and Illgill Head.


Before entering the wilderness around Low Birker Tarn and Green Crag I pass by the old peat hut.

Just as forecast, high level cloud had drifted in from the west and sadly it was making the place look a bit colorless and dull. Never mind, it was still nice to be up here.

Low Birker Tarn.


Before turning around to head back, I take a photo of Green Crag.


This is a wonderful area of wide open fellside where you generally have the place to yourself. the only downside i can think of is the amount of water it holds. As much as I'm comfortable heading off path and going where my feet decide to take me, this is an area where I tend to stick to the paths for fear of sinking into the mud, never to be seen again.

I'm back at the peat hut where I walk behind it to gat a picture looking across to the higher fells in the distance.

Down the zigzags I go.

I head back through the valley now.


On route I pass by Tims Tarn again. That's it on the left hand side of the trees.


I was only out for a couple of hours but I really enjoyed that, particularly because I almost went straight home from work and nearly didn't bother walking today.

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