21st April 2015

Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 38

3 tarns above Eskdale


Walk Overview
Time 5 to 7:10pm
Duration 2 hr 10 min
Distance 4.1 mile
Ascent 900 ft
Walking with Helen and Kayleigh
Near Dalegarth Hall - Eskdale road - Beckfoot - Blea Tarn - Blind Tarn - Siney Tarn - Blea Tarn Hill - Peat Huts - Boot - Eskdale Church - River Esk - Near Dalegarth Hall
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, near Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale

Forget the fells for a moment and consider a lower level route through one of Lakeland's most beautiful valleys. And if Eskdale happens to meet with your approval then this car park could not be a better starting point. Stanley Force is within easy walking distance, on the opposite side of the valley is the La'al Ratty and the little village of Boot. For those with rather more energy, following one of the paths through the valley will offer hours of enjoyable walking.


Route Map


The decent run of weather was set to continue for a few more days so we took the opportunity to head out for a short walk in Eskdale after work this evening. If you live around here or if you're staying here and want something to do on a nice sunny evening then you could do a lot worse than try this walk. Absolutely gorgeous doesn't begin to describe the place so all I can suggest it you come along and give it a go. If you're not fully satisfied I will of course give you a refund.

Well, we can't deny it's a lovely evening and what a place to come in such perfect conditions. Here we're on he start of the walk up to Blea Tarn and looking through Eskdale towards Green Crag and Harter Fell.

A close up of St Catherine's Church.

and above the church is Green Crag.


After zigzagging our way up the fellside Blea Tarn is reached and on a lovely spring evening like this, we were reminded of just how fortunate we are to be able to nip out and visit places like this after a day at work. Once we'd got this far it was almost as if the previous 8 hours hadn't even taken place.

Not far from Blea Tarn is the very reedy Siney Tarn which, given enough time looks set to split into two smaller tarns.


Also up here is Blind Tarn and for obvious reasons, I didn't go in for a swim.

While I made the short excursion across to Siney & Blind tarns, the remaining two thirds of our group chose to sit in the sunshine and enjoy the peacefulness of the place for ten minutes. They're close to the tarn, cleverly disguised as two rocks.

Higher ground is reached and we're treated to views over the wonderful area of lonely fellside between Eskdale and Wasdale. In view are Illgill Head (just), Kirk Fell, Great Gable, Scafell, Slight Side and Bow Fell.

On our right hand side we look towards Eskdale with Harter Fell and Green Crag on the opposite side of the valley.

Over there are Scafell and Slight Side, both looking much closer and easier to get to then they actually are.

The ruined peat huts mark out point to leave the fellside and head back down to the valley. Time at height may have been brief but non the less enjoyable; it doesn't get much clearer than this.


The first buildings you pass after leaving the fellside is Eskdale Mill, where, for a small fee you can look around the place.

Just out of shot on the left there was a young couple sitting outside eating their evening meal. Needless to say this reminded us of how long it was since we'd had our dinner. Yes, conversation now turned to food, what we were having for tea, what we'd like to eat now, what goes with what and "have you tried" such and such, , , , ,

"it's a hard life isn't it"

The evening shadows were beginning to lengthen by the time we were leaving Boot. Thankfully for us, we were heading onto the sunny side of the valley.


Brook House Inn. At one time this was Kayleigh's Grandparents guest house. If you're old enough perhaps you stayed here when it was owned by the Turnbull family.


St Catherine's Church, Eskdale.


In front the church / churchyard are the stepping stones over the River Esk. The stones were well above the water because of the very dry April we've had so there was no worry about making a big splash this evening.

The evening was drawing on and the light was really lovely through here. Part of me can't help but wish that eventide could last for 4 or 5 hours so we could enjoy this for longer, but if it did, it wouldn't feel quite so special and you wouldn't feel so lucky on the occasions when you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

From the stepping stones we followed the valley path through woods and across fields, all the while enjoying the peacefulness of the place.


To finish, here's a picture zooming in a little bit on Scafell and Slight Side.

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