26th April 2015

Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 41

Tarns on Ratherheath


Walk Overview
Time 10:45 to 11:30am
Duration 45 minutes
Distance 2 mile
Ascent Almost none
Walking with Jennifer
Ratherheath Lane - Ratherheath Tarn - Moss Side Tarn - Ratherheath Small Tarn - Ratherheath Lane
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Ratherheath Tarn

There's no fancy at this parking spot. It literally is a small space for about two cars on the opposite side of the road from Ratherheath Tarn. There is a good car park just down the road but this is reserved (padlocked) for members of the Windermere Anglers Association

Route Map


After leaving Staveley we make the short drive a little further down the A591 to have this short walk in the Rather Heath area. We'd never walked here before and were quite surprised at how big and how nice Ratherheath Tarn is. The downside is, it's private and you can't have a a better look around the tarn than we got from here.


A few minutes walk from Ratherheath Tarn is Moss Side Tarn. To state the obvious, it's very overgrown and despite a footpath running close by, it's also on private land.



On route to Ratherheath Small Tarn we passed by the end of Ratherheath Tarn. That's the one we were at before we were at Moss Side Tarn. Confusing isn't it.

"OK, I do actually know how to find my way around somewhere new, but I reckon we've walked past the tarn"
"Did you spot it?"
"Err, , , let me think for a moment. It's definitely in those trees but I just can't see it. Right, we should join up with a road shortly so we'll walk that far then turn round and walk back"
We did that and on the way back the tarn was there as clear as anything to see in among the trees and dare I say 'hard to miss'. How weird was that!

This is Ratherheath Small Tarn.

and so is this. As I said, it's hard to miss!


On the route back we take a slight de-tour to take a look at this somewhat overgrown and reedy looking tarn.


Well, that was as short a walk as we ever really do but it did take us to a few new tarns and, I've also proved I still know how to read a map. Now we're off to have a look around the shops in Kendal which was really nice on this sunny afternoon.
"Did you buy much?"
"not really, just 3 pair of socks, 2 bags of mixed nuts and 7 packets of loose tea of various kinds. Yes, the last of the big spenders that's us two"

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