13th May 2015

An evening at Loweswater

Time 5:20 to 7:10pm
Duration 1 hr 50 min
Distance 3.7 mile
Ascent 600 ft
Walking with Kayleigh and Helen
Fangs Brow - Holme Beck - Holme Wood - Loweswater - Hudson Place - Jenkinson Place - Fangs Brow
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside parking at the top of Fangs Brow, Loweswater

This is another of the many roadside areas in the Lake District which have been adopted as a permanent, yet unofficial car park. At a push you might get ten small cars along here and although I rarely see no cars at all here, I can usually manage to find a space.

A gate in the wall next to the parking spaces leads directly onto the track which runs all the way to High Nook Tarn, taking in views of Loweswater and the north western fells along the way.


Route Map


Our destination tonight was to top of Fangs Brow where we could walk to the top of Holme Wood and then down to the side of Loweswater. If it's a short, easy walk you're after then this is an ideal choice, particularly of an evening when when you've been to work all day.

And here's one of my favourite Lake District views.

"What you gonna do when you grow up like your Mam"
"Erm, , , , buy a hair brush"

After little in the way of distance or incline you're treated to this view over Loweswater to the Grasmoor fells, and of course Mellbreak behind the trees on the right.

Fellbarrow, Darling Fell and Low Fell seen from the seat above Holme Wood.

Our route now takes us into Holme Woods where we follow the path all the way down to the Watergate Farm end of the lake.


Over there we can see Whiteside, Grasmoor, Whiteless Pike and just beyond those two people is the track to Maggie's Bridge car park. But, that's not the direction we're walking in, tonight we're heading alongside the lake.

Before heading back into Holme Wood I take this photo of Low Fell above Loweswater with Whiteside in the distance.

"Wave with both hands and I'll give you ten quid"



Holme Wood footpath.

Small patches of snow were still clinging to the higher crags and gullies last weekend. A sure sign that, although it's been quite dry, Spring has crept into Lakeland ever so slowly this year. The hot weather that often arrives with the budding trees failed to put in an appearance and as a result everything feels like it's a couple of weeks behind. It was still lovely walking through here this evening though. With sunshine, long shadows and bird song accompanying us all the way through Holme Wood it was an absolute pleasure to be out and about in the great outdoors.


Darling Fell and Low Fell seen on the opposite side of Loweswater.

A view back down the length of Loweswater.


Zooming in a little bit on Mellbreak and those two grasseaters.

"Don't bother about me, you just make yourself comfortable"

And to end today's expedition here's a picture looking back towards Loweswater, with Fellbarrow & Darling Fell on the left and the dark looking Grasmoor fells in the distance.

David Hall -
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