22nd May 2015

No sunshine at the Rannerdale Bluebells

Time During the afternoon
Duration a couple of hours
Distance 3.6 mile
Ascent 300
Walking with Kayleigh and Helen
Cinderdale Common - Rannerdale - Above Hause Point - road by Crummock Water - Rannerdale - Cinderdale Common
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Cinderdale Common

There are a couple of small car park areas along Cinderdale Common. They're all free and offer easy access to Rannerdale, where during late spring the display of blue bells is simply outstanding.


Route Map


Ahead of us is Rannerdale Knotts looking somewhat damp as a shower of drizzly rain slowly moves past. Then, to add insult to injury, just after taking this picture the cloud dropped for a short time and even this little fell became a victim of today's forecasted conditions. To state the obvious, the bluebells aren't here all the time so you only have a small window of opportunity to come and enjoy them. Sadly for us, today was the only day we could visit. Partly because the bluebells are late this year and on the back of that, because one of our group has decided to visit a country with more sunshine, hotter temperatures and nicer beaches for a week.

Crummock Water seen from the track across to the bluebells.


And here they are.

It's not unusual to see areas of bluebells like this in England but it is unusual to see them out in the open; particularly at 500ft above sea level. Normally bluebells on this scale are found in woodland. I'm sure there must be dozens of places called 'Bluebell Wood' up and down the country.




The bridge over Squat Beck.

From this side Rannerdale Knotts looks as imposing as any fell in the Lake District and not quite as gentle as it is when viewed from other directions.
"an' you were ganna tek us up there"
"aye, bu' nut frae this side"

Right, I've got an idea. Instead of heading back already, we'll walk down to the lake, over Hause Point, down to the road and then back through here again.

A narrow path takes us down to t'other car park and the edge of Crummock Water.

Turning around for a view of part of Crummock Water.

and here's a picture showing most of the rest of it.


We're back at the bluebells now where we'd retrace out route back to the car. But, not before talking to those two lady cyclists from Holland. They were well impressed by the place.




Admittedly the weather may not have been on our side today, but, the bluebells were still as impressive as ever. Here you see the new bracken beginning to put in an appearance so if you want to take advantage and see the bluebells before they die back or are taken over by bracken, you'd best be quick.

All that's left for us is a short walk across to the car, all the way enjoying the view across Crummock Water.

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