24th May 2015

Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk 47

4 tarns on Torver Commons

Time 10:30am to 3pm
Duration 4 hr 30 min
Distance 7.7 mile
Ascent 1500 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Beckstones - Kelly Hall Tarn - Long Moss Tarn - Coniston Water - Sunny Bank - Stable Harvey Moss - Beacon Tarn - Beacon Fell - Stable Harvey Moss - Torver Tarn - Mill Bridge - Beckstones
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Beckstones, Torver

This is just a small car park opposite the garage just south of Torver. The car aprk is only a stones throw away from the lovely little Kelly Hall Tarn.


Weather Readings

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All readings were taken using a Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter
Live temperature recorded at the time I press the hold key
Maximum Wind Speed Maximum wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location Average Wind Speed
Average wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location
Wind Chill
Combination of wind speed and temperature. The gadget does the calculations not me.

Route Map



About a minutes walk from the car and you'll find yourself at the edge of Kelly Hall Tarn. A really lovely spot, although if I'm honest, it's best seen when the sun shines.


Our next tarn today was Long Moss Tarn which, in case you hadn't noticed, is quite long and mossy.

Here's a close up of the wetter end of the tarn.

To add a little bit of distance onto this walk we chose to head down to Coniston Water where we could then follow the shoreline for a mile or so. To get there we needed to head into the woods.

It looks like there's no way through from here but once you reach the trees down there, a decent path suddenly appears to take you down to the lake.

Get to the bottom of here and then turn right onto, , , ,

, , , , the path next to Coniston shore line.


Here's the jetty at Sunny Bank; although it wasn't while we were here.

The stepping stones, , , , not today though.

There was far too much water about so the bridge was used because it offered the guarantee of a dry crossing.

Torver Beck.

Looking across to Beacon Fell where we'll be heading shortly, but not until we've paid a visit to Beacon Tarn. To reach the tarn you need to follow the red dots.


Looking towards the distant Coniston fells from the route to Beacon Tarn. It seems like Jennifer has picked up one of the red dots and turned it into a jacket.

Despite the patches of blue sky in some places, our visit to the tarn was spent in the shade.


Beacon Fell summit, with a view across to the Coniston fells and, in the centre of the picture you can see Torver Tarn. It looks a heck of a long way from here but in reality it doesn't take a huge length of time to walk there.

Coniston Water seen from Beacon Fell.


It's mostly easy, but still very enjoyable walking around here. Just the place for a bank holiday weekend when most places would be really busy. We had a quick count up and reckoned we only saw about 10 other people all day.
Ahead of us is Torver Tarn with the Coniston fells up on the skyline.


The water helps to show it was quite windy around here today. It wasn't cold, just windy.

Jennifer finds a comfortable seat while I head around the side of the tarn for a short distance.

I'm not sure how long she thinks I'll be but Jennifer's decided to have a sleep while I'm away.





Come on then, you can't sleep all day so we'd best make a move.


We make our way down to Mill Bridge and sadly for us, the end of the walk wasn't too far away.

As I said at the start, Kelly Hall Tarn is best seen with a bit of sunshine. So, while Jennifer looked at the Land Rovers at the Land Rover garage I nipped back up here for a sunny picture. Here it is in front of Dow Crag and Coniston Old Man.

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