29th August 2015

Back from holiday for a walk in Borrowdale

Time 11am to 1:30pm
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 4.2 mile
Ascent not much ascent
Walking with Jennifer
Stonethwaite - Burthwaite Bridge - Mountain View - Seatoller - Johnny Wood - Longthwaite - New Bridge - Rosthwaite - Stonethwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Parking spaces, Stonethwaite

Despite there only being spaces for about 5 cars next to the phone box this is somewhere I've only failed to get to get parked on one occasion. Found in the middle of Stonethwaite, this about as good as it gets for sheer variety of walks.

There is also a small parking area just before the main village. It is more of a lay-by than anything else but there is room for about a dozen cars.

Parking is free and for those wishing to eat or drink after a walk the hotel / pub is less than a minutes walk further into the village.


Route Map


After three weeks away on holiday we returned home late last night. Once the reality of being back home had hit us, two things needed sorted out as soon as possible. First of all we needed to get reacquainted with Lakeland and secondly the fridge wanted to be reacquainted with some food. So tofday we were out for a short walk and then a visit to the supermarket. The question was - after 21 days of being waited on hand and foot, would we still be able to fend for ourselves.

Past the church we go and through the farm yard.



"Don't look now but I think that rain is heading straight for us"


Approaching Seatoller, or to be more specific rushing towards the bus stop to get some shelter till the rain passes.

The passing shower seen from the bus stop.

Once it was safe to venture out we walked through Seatoller, turned right just after the buildings and headed onto the fellside above the village.

Looking down on Seatoller.


Walking through Johnny Wood.


Longthwaite farm house.

And again, this time taken from t'other side.

The stepping stones were not crossed today. My view is that if the water is running over the stones then they're best left until the water level drops. Of course this only applies if there's an alternative route, which in this case there is.

Sunshine on the fields and fellside below Rigghead Quarries.

New bridge.

Castle Crag is viewed from the track near New Bridge. We had one of those "we should have gone up there" moments along here, but we really didn't have time today so 'the plan' was stuck to and we carried straight on to Rosthwaite and Stonethwaite.

Even with the few showers the area was getting it was still very quiet today. More surprising because it was a bank holiday weekend.

Oops, spoke too soon. Here's two people in Rosthwaite.

Sunny Rosthwaite.

Stonethwaite Beck.


And here we are back in Stonethwaite. Admittedly it wasn't a very long walk but it was just great to feel a bit of Lakeland under our boots again.

David Hall -
Lake District Walks