27th September 2015

Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk 69

Wet Sleddale Reservoir and Haskew Tarn

Time 10:10am to 2:10pm
Duration 4 hr
Distance 6.2 mile
Ascent 1000 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Wetsleddale Reservoir - Cooper's Green - Stackhouse Brow - Seat Robert - Haskew Tarn - Sleddale Hall - Wet Sleddale Reservoir
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Wet Sleddale Reservoir

This car park offers access to the wonderfully remote Shap Fells. Even though the terrain around here is wide open and remote, the car park itself is actually quite close to the busy A6 road and the village of Shap.

Parking is free and I should imagine you'll always manage to get a space.


Route Map


Although it's quite a short and easy route, we'd intentionally kept hold of this walk for a perfect day like this one. Arguably we should have spent the day up on the high fells somewhere but some places deserve to be visited when they're looking their best. This is one of those places.
As we got out of the car the local welcome party turned up to greet us.

The picture makes it look like there's a wind blowing across the water. In reality we couldn't feel a breath of wind at all. Quite the perfect day to be out and about.

A short walk down the road took us past the farm at Cooper's Green.

Cooper's Green Bridge.




Despite the wide open appearance of the place and the impression that navigation would be difficult, the route from the road to Seat Robert is a simple case of following the wall you see here. Even though you're not actually walking right next to it, , , I'm sure you know what I mean. Once you're past Seat Robert it's a completely different thing altogether but a straight there and back walk really is an easy affair.

The top of Seat Robert comes into view. There's the wall again.

Seat Robert trig point. Running across the centre of the picture is part of the route I (we) were on yesterday.

Seat Robert summit cairn and shelter with Shap and the Pennines in the distance.

Here's a picture of Haskew Tarn which looked quite overgrown today. If we wanted to see more water we should have came sometime in spring before the summer grasses / reeds took over the tarn. Never mind, I can hardly find reason to moan about anything on a day as nice as this one.


Looking back up to Seat Robert.

The strange thing was, shortly after saying we hadn't saw anyone and how nice it was to walk somewhere as quiet as this, we passed three large groups of people. Two of them had about a dozen people and the other has about six people. A definite case of "you spoke too soon".

Wet Sleddale Reservoir comes back into view as we make our way towards Sleddale Hall.

"Which way do you fancy going back, straight along from Sleddale Hall or down to this end of the reservoir?"
"Err, going to this end of the reservoir should make it a bit longer so lets go that way"
I checked this at home and my 'longer option' was actually a mile shorter. Ah well, it just shows how much I know !!

Heading to Sleddale Hall.


We used this lovely looking bridge to cross Sleddale Beck. But, as it turned out the underside of the bridge was just as interesting as the top of it.



Looking back across to Sleddale Hall and Seat Robert.



Best pull over and let these folk past and while I'm here I may as well take a picture.

David Hall -
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