14th October 2015

Muncaster Fell from Eskdale Green

Time 12:40pm to 4:40pm
Duration 4 hr
Distance 7.8 mile
Ascent 1500 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Eskdale Green - The Green Station - Rabbit How - Ross's Camp - Hooker Crag (Muncaster Fell) - Muncaster Tarn - High Eskholme - Muncaster Head - Forge Bridge - Eskdale Green
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre -
Parking spaces next to Giggle Alley, Eskdale Green

This is a great little car park. Right in the centre of Eskdale Green with a shop down the road and toilets next to the car park. It is a great starting point for a whole host of walks in this area, it's free and more often than not there are empty spaces available.


Route Map


Shortly after setting off we stand on the bridge for a minute or so in the hope of catching sight of La'al Ratty. "It can't be that far away if we can hear it that loud". We were out of luck as it turned out and if we stand on top of a narrow bridge much longer we'll end up under a car or a van so on we go in the direction of Muncaster Fell.

Today it's the middle of October and much to our delight, we're treated to warm (quite hot) sunshine as we walk down this quiet county lane on the outskirts of Eskdale Green. Ahead of us is the prospect of a walk over the equally quite Muncaster Fell. Between us we agree this is a great way to spend an afternoon at the time of year when you wouldn't be shocked to have rain and gale force winds.

Mmmm, this doesn't exactly fill us with excitement.
"Don't worry I'll protect you if it runs after us"
"Thanks Jennifer, I knew I could rely on you"

Eyes were kept peeled as we walked through the field but the bull was nowhere to be seen. Now we reach the Eskdale side of Muncaster Fell and begin a lovely two and a half mile walk across to the summit.

Looking back through Eskdale.


Here we have clear views across to the coast. Shame about the cloud starting to build up. When I left work at 12 o'clock the sky across there was blue from end to end.

Here's a close up of Scafell and Lingmell.

We reach Ross's Camp and in keeping with what I believe was it's original purpose, we instruct the servants to put the food out on the table while we shoot a few birds. Once the ammunition has ran out we ate all the food and, as you'd expect, we left the riffraff to clear up after us.


Jennifer checks the hired help have done a good job of clearing all our rubbish away.

The boggy bit wasn't a moist as it normally is but we still considered it wise to walk around instead of straight across.

Using the twisty bit on the front of the camera I take a closer uper picture of Harter Fell and Green Crag.

Muncaster Fell summit with Black Combe in the far distance.


Muncaster Tarn wasn't a sunny and bright as it was the other week when I was here but still nice a peaceful.

Someone's been busy.


Heading down to valley level. this path brings you out at the golf course at Eskholme.

, , , , told ya it would, , , ,

"hang on a minute, , , , , what you doing with a spray can"


"There's no need to boast about it, particularly when you'd be the first person to criticise other people for doing this type of needless graffiti"

This lot looked nice and placid when I stood here photographing them. On the curiosity scale they were little more than a 2 out of 10 and it appeared that they could hardly be bothered moving never mind anything else.
As we continued along the track the farmer passed us and said he'd be bringing the cows along here and "you might want to stand back"

Shortly afterwards we heard the sound of hooves clattering along the ground - and lots of them. Way more than you see here. "Right they're coming lets move out the way". It was a good job we stood well back because they weren't going to stop for anything or anyone. Blimey, it was like a stampede in one of those old cowboy films I used to watch when I was a kid. Jennifer was just nervous full stop, but I was more concerned because their level of curiosity had risen to 6 out of 10.


Muncaster Head is reached and more or less marks our arrival back in Eskdale.


If the hunchback of Notre Dame had been a sheep, , , , , , it would have looked somthing like this.

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