31st October 2015

Ambleside, Wansfell Pike and Troutbeck

Time 9:20am to 12:40pm
Duration 3 hr 20 min
Distance 7.1 mile
Ascent 1900 ft more or less
Walking with On my own
Miller Bridge - Ambleside - Stock Ghyll waterfalls - Wansfell Pike - Nanny Lane - Troutbeck - Town End - Robin Lane - High Skelghyll - Skelghyll Wood - Ambleside - Miller Bridge
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside, Miller Bridge, Ambleside

This offers an alternative to the overcharged car parks in Ambleside itself. The downsides are, spaces are limited, it's a little way out from the center of the town and you will need to get here early to get a space.


Route Map


I arrived at Miller Bridge on what can only be described as a typical autumn morning. Everything around me seemed to be soaking wet and most things appeared to have at least one drop of water hanging off it ready to fill the puddles up more than they already were. Wet leaves drifted down from the trees as I got ready to start walking and as I left the car, even wetter leaves littered the ground; at times making the place quite slippery. As I stood here taking this picture, a fast flowing River Rothay carried more leaves downstream. Yes, this was indeed a typical autumn morning.

It seems like ages since I've seem this much water running through one of the becks. All good things come to an end I suppose. By that I mean the dry weather not necessarily the dry becks.

Here you see Ambleside at 9:30 The place was still half asleep when I passed through. Most shops weren't yet open, the streets were almost deserted and what traffic there was thought it dark enough to need headlights.

Stockghyll Waterfalls were in fine fettle today. Just a pity it's a bit hard to get a decent view of these falls. So, I'm afraid this is about your lot.

Taking the turnstile option I head back onto the road, turn left and carry on until the start of the Troutbeck / Wansfell Pike path is reached.


Looking back down to Ambleside from the path on Wansfell Pike.

Over on my left hand side Red Screes and the higher fells are topped with cloud.

Here's another view looking down to Ambleside, , , , blimey, it wasn't half warm walking up here.

At the top now and looking across to the Baystones end of the fell. It was very warm work on the route up so it was really nice to get to the top so I could begin to cool down a little.

Windermere seen from Wansfell Pike summit.

and a close up showing the red glow in the distance.

A short walk from the summit of Wansfell Pike brings you to Nanny Lane and as far as Troutbeck, it's all down hill from here.

Looking back up towards Wansfell Pike.


I'm almost at Troutbeck now and it was arguably a little bit brighter than it had been so that was a bonus which helped show off the colours. I'm not the only one that thinks this but the colours have been much better this year than the previous few years. I can only assume the calm weather has left more leaves on the trees for us to admire.





I'm always curious about the 'Statesman' house in Troutbeck. I'd really like to have a look inside to see how it's set out and what's left of the original features. If I was hard faced enough I might knock on the door and ask for a private viewing, although I suspect they'd slam the door in my face and release the hounds - - - or the other way around.

and one last look through Troutbeck.


Left for High Skelghyll and straight on for Hundreds Road. Up on the skyline in the distance is Wansfell Pike.

Here's a rather misty / murky view of Windermere taken from the path just past High Skelghyll Farm.

Skelghyll Wood.



Just outside Ambleside I passed by the walkingstick factory and although the sign asks potential customers to "Apply within or at the house", I can't help but think some folk may just help themselves instead.

After stopping off at a bakery for a sandwich I make my way past the church, through the park and then to the car. It was about this point that the couple of spots of rain I felt in the town began to turn into proper rain. Perfect timing for a brilliant walk !!

Before I jump in the car and head for home, I stop for another picture of Miller Bridge. Leaves were still falling, water was still dripping and all that remained was for me to try to get changed without getting too wet. O yes, and I still needed to eat the sandwich.

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