31st January 2016

A walk around Buttermere

Time late morning into early afternoon
Duration Didn't check the time
Distance 4.2 mile
Ascent Not much ascent
Walking with Jennifer
Butermere (village) - Buttermere (lake) - Burtness Wood - Peggy's Bridge - Gatesgarth - road back to the village
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Buttermere Village

There are a few different options for parking in Buttermere. A couple of decent sized car parks the road side leading up past the church onto Newlands pass and the sneaky couple of spaces next to the bridge. Despite these options and the village being so small they all fill up pretty quickly.

For such a small village there are a couple of hotels / pubs, public toilets and a couple of tearooms, one of which sells the best ice cream you could ever hope to find.

Route Map


I peeped out from behind the curtains this morning to see rain on the window, puddles being filled up and cars with their windscreen wipers being put to good use. "No point in setting off in this. Lets give it a few hours and see if it stops". A few hours later we leave home and when we arrive at Buttermere we find the last of the rain clearing to allow us a dry walk around the lake.

Pity it's winter. The shop is shut and it's too cold for ice cream anyway. If you come here in summer try the marmalade flavour. It sounds weird but it's the best ice cream ever invented.

Storm damage and that's the story I'm sticking to. It had nothing at all to do with me leaning on it.

There goes the last of the drizzle.



Looking across the lake to Hassness and the ridge leading up to Robinson.

A view back down the lake shows the low cloud on Mellbreak and the higher fells above Rannerdale Knotts.


Comb Beck.

These things might be placid and uninterested in us humans but with horns like that and such a narrow path, I thought it wise to give this one plenty of room.

Walking across to Gatesgarth Farm.

Haystacks seen above Warnscale Bottom.

and looking the other way we see Buttermere.

As Jennifer's knee isn't 100% recovered yet we avoid the slippery tree roots route and uneven ground by continuing along the road. There isn't much traffic at this time of year anyway and it does offer slightly different views of a very familiar place.

High Crag, High Stile and the top of Red Pike.

Just outside the village we pass by Bowderbeck (Boulder Beck). Without doubt a lovely place but perhaps a bit too close to the beck for guaranteed peace of mind. We noticed the sandbags outside the front door as well.

Back at the car now and despite a forecast for a band of heavy showers to pass over the area our waterproofs remained in the bag for the duration. Brilliant, this is a great little walk anyway, but if you expect to get wet and don't, it's all the better.

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