7th March 2016

An afternoon on Crag Fell and Grike

Time 12:45 to 2:45pm
Duration 2 hr
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1200 ft - more or less
Walking with On my own
Blakeley Moss - forest track - Crag Fell - Grike - forest track - Blakeley Rise - Blakeley Moss
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside, Cold Fell (Blakeley Moss)
Stretching six miles between Calder Bridge and Ennerdale Bridge, Cold Fell acts as a convenient shortcut across the western most section of the Lake District. There are lots of possible parking places across the Ennerdale half of the route; each one offering its own access onto the fantastically remote fells across this edge of the Lakes.

Route Map


Today, , , , , , it has been mostly sunny in the Lake District.

And because of the sunshine I headed out for a walk onto Crag Fell and Grike. A full day walking would have been nice but a short afternoon walk on a work day is still better than no walk at all.
Here I walk along the track around the edge of Blakeley Moss. In the distance I see Knock Murton and Blake Fell.

Looking back over Blakeley Moss to Dent (or Dint as we call it).

Here's another picture showing Knock Murton and Blake Fell. This one taken just before they just before the vanish from view for a little while.

A close up of Pillar and Steeple.

On route to Crag Fell I pass by the Bat monitoring station.
Apparently the migration route taken by the Tasmanian Lesser Spotted Moth Eating Bat goes right above here so a group of local enthusiasts set all this up to monitor exactly how many of them flew over.
I bet this guy has a good view. Actually it could be a woman so to avoid any offence I'll say "person".

As seen as though there were no clouds to look at I decided to admire the view instead.

Ennerdale in front of Great Borne, Starling Dodd, Red Pike and High Stile.

If things go horribly wrong he (or she) will land in the shelter on top of Knock Murton.

Here's a close up of part of the Sellafield site.



Blimey, it's not very often you get a view of Scotland as clear as this. Not from here anyway.


Grike Summit.

A view back to Grike from the treeless forest track.

A slight de-tour over Blakeley Rise doesn't really add any distance but you do rise a little bit, (hence the name).

The small amount of height gain gives you the chance to enjoy a final look across to the snow topped fells over there, unless you come when it's all melted.
From here, I took an off path, almost straight line route back down to the car.

David Hall -
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