7th April 2016

A short walk up and down Binsey

Time eventide
Duration didn't take notice
Distance 1.8 mile
Ascent 600 ft or there abouts
Walking with Jennifer
From the road to the top and then back down
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside parking, Binsey Cottage
There isn't much room along here I'm afraid; four cars if you're lucky. Then again, and quite wrongly in my opinion, Binsey has a reputation of being an "also visited" fell, so the chances are that you'll still get a parking space.
Route Map


It was was a total spur of the moment decision to get out tonight. There was nowt on telly to get excited about (there rarely is) so, rather than sitting in the house doing nothing, we jumped in the car and ended up here. For a walk that was done mainly as a means of 'getting us out of the house' it turned out to be an evening very well spent indeed.

A close up of Orthwaite.

and of Over Water.

And as if by magic, we arrive at the summit at the same time as the sunshine.

Here's the two of us looking across to the Uldale Fells. I'm the one with car keys in my pocket and Jennifer is the one with a hat on.

Looking across to the Skiddaw fells.


From here we could see it was raining over there on the hills above Ireby & Uldale.

Summit time lasted no longer than 15 minutes but it was certainly one of those magical moments in fell walking. The light was lovely, we were the only ones up here and we seemed to be getting more than our fair share of sunshine.

A close up of Uldale.

Here you see Orthwaite enjoying a spell of sunshine.

As the length of my shadow shows, time was moving on and daylight hours were coming to an end for another day. We might not have been out for very long but we'd still had a really enjoyable walk out. Probably made more enjoyable because we hadn't expected much in the way of brightness yet we ended up walking in this.

To finish, you have a picture looking across to the Skiddaw fells. I suppose this proves there's nowt wring with heading out to 'just' walk up Binsa.

David Hall -
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