21st April 2016

an evening walk around Ravenglass onto Newtown Knott

Time 5 to 6:10pm
Duration 1 hr 10 min
Distance 3.5 mile
Ascent not much - say 300 ft
Walking with Kayleigh Turnbull
Ravenglass - Walls Castle - Newtown - Newtown Knott - Newtown - Muncaster Castle entrance - A595 - Ravenglass
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Ravenglass village

Although it doesn't feel like it, Ravenglass is still part of the Lake District, but unlike most other places, it has more parking spaces than it's ever likely to need. There is a large car park in the centre of the village and of course the car park next to the La'al Ratty.

Parking is NOT free anymore !!

Route Map


Ravenglass seafront houses

I wouldn't fancy living on one of those when the tide is high and the winds get up.

See what I mean.

What have the Romans ever done for us. Well for a start, they build nice seaside holiday resorts like this one. Unfortunately when they packed up and left, , , ,

, , , , the people who took over the contract to look after the place let it end up in this state.

Ahead of us is Newtown Knott. More of a nice view point than a big hill but well worth a visit.

Black Combe seen from the top of Newtown Knott.


Blimey, that's a heck of a skin condition you've got. Why not ask the vet for some cream or something.

Heading through the woods to Muncaster Castle entrance.



Muncaster Castle entrance. All the flowers are coming out now. Give it a couple of weeks and it'll look blooming lovely here (pun intended).

Back in Ravenglass we cross the railway bridge and walk back to the car. Only a short walk but still a nice way to spend an hour after work.

David Hall -
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