2nd June 2016

Whin Rigg, Illgill Head and Wast Water

Time 12:30 to 5pm
Duration 4 hr 30 min
Distance 9.4 mile
Ascent 2500 ft - or so the computer tells me
Walking with On my own
Wast Water - Low Wood - Lund Bridge - Greathall Gill - Whin Rigg - Whinrigg Tarns - Illgill Head - Straigthhead Gill - Brackenclose - Overbeck Bridge - Netherbeck Bridge - Road alongside Wast Water
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside, Wast Water

There are lots of parking options along here, ranging from quite large areas which have been adopted as car parks to simply driving onto the grass verge.

They are all free, but this is a very popular place with families so be prepared for the need to drive up and down the road to find a space.

Weather Readings

The Gadget
All readings were taken using a Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter
Live temperature recorded at the time I press the hold key
Maximum Wind Speed Maximum wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location Average Wind Speed
Average wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location
Wind Chill
Combination of wind speed and temperature. The gadget does the calculations not me.

Route Map


The nice weather continues so I finish work at dinner time for a walk in Wasdale. It's hard to believe it's been so nice and sunny on a bank holiday week but you won't hear me complaining.

Here's the craggy bit on Buckbarrow seen as I walk along the road on route to the youth hostel grounds.

A view down Wast Water showing one of Lakelands most recognisable skylines.

Walking through Low Wood. It was lovely walking through here this morning accompanied by a strong small of wild garlic and the sound of bird song filling the woods. In fact, the wild garlic was so tempting I picked some to have with our tea this evening. Chop it up really fine and mix it in with mashed potatoes.


As nice as it was in the woods down there, todays walk involved getting up onto Whin Rigg. The valley is left behind and on route to the bottom of Greathall Gill I take this picture of Low Wood, Wast Water and the fells beyond.

I'm up on Whin Rigg now and looking across to Illgill Head.

No strong winds today so I stand at the edge and take this picture looking down to the end of Wast Water and the youth hostel.



The Wasdale Head fells seen from the top of Illgill Head. Pillar, Yewbarrow, Kirk Fell, Great Gable and Lingmell.

A close up of Wasdale Head.

and of Great Gable

and now of Kirk Fell.

Yewbarrow seen from Straighthead Gill.

Walking the half mile or so from the fell to Brackenclose was lovely and hot now that I was out of any breeze there might have been up on the tops. Thinking about it, the temperature wasn't what many people would call particularly high but, we're just not used to it so temperatures of 22 or 23 degrees feel much hotter than they probably should. Very nice all the same and as I often say "dry is always good".
The funny thing is, considering I overheat so easily and can happily walk in short sleeves in the middle of January, it seems a bit strange that I have the 'hotter the better' approach to summer walking.

Lingmell, Scafell Pike (more or less), and Scafell.

And again, taken as I have a sit down for ten minutes.

Tall trees in front of Yewbarrow.

And to finish, a view across Wast Water to The Screes.

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