8th June 2016

An evening at Loweswater

Time Didn't take any notice
Duration A couple of hours
Distance 3.7 mile
Ascent 600 ft - would be close enough
Walking with Jennifer
Fangs Brow - Iredale Place - Jenkinson Place - Hudson Place - Loweswater - Holme Wood - High level route back to Fangs Brow
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside parking at the top of Fangs Brow, Loweswater

This is another of the many roadside areas in the Lake District which have been adopted as a permanent, yet unofficial car park. At a push you might get ten small cars along here and although I rarely see no cars at all here, I can usually manage to find a space.

A gate in the wall next to the parking spaces leads directly onto the track which runs all the way to High Nook Tarn, taking in views of Loweswater and the north western fells along the way.

Route Map


With another nice evening on the cards we head out for a walk above and next to Loweswater. There wasn't a breath of wind, it was really hot and where we were there was plenty of sunshine - - - everything you hope for on a summer evening. O yes, and the views are quite good as well.

Tonight we walk the route in the opposite direction from the usual way we do this. No particular reason, we just fancied a change.

"Hang on, shouldn't you be in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove so I have something nice to eat when I get back from having fun"
"For your information I've already made something nice and guess who's doing the washing up for saying that"

Ah well, I suppose the lesson here is 'Men, know your place' and ( or ) 'Men, learn when to keep your mouth shut'


Hudson Place is reached and thankfully without us being attacked by the cows in this field.

Almost at the lake now and I take a picture with a view across to a black looking Grasmoor.



Holme Wood.

Low Fell, Whiteside and Grasmoor.

We head up through the woods to reach the higher level track above the lake and back to Fangs Brow or rather the top of it.

Now this is what I call a great way to spend an evening.

A close up of Mellbreak.


Just before reaching the car we gaze back along the track to Burnbank Fell and Mellbreak in the distance.


David Hall -
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