19th June 2016

A walk around Buttermere

Time in the morning
Duration A couple of hours
Distance 4.2 mile
Ascent Not much ascent at all
Walking with Jennifer
Buttermere - Wilkinsyke Farm - Pike Rigg - Gatescarth Farm - Peggy's Bridge - Burtness Wood - Buttermere
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Buttermere Village

There are a few different options for parking in Buttermere. A couple of decent sized car parks the road side leading up past the church onto Newlands pass and the sneaky couple of spaces next to the bridge. Despite these options and the village being so small they all fill up pretty quickly.

For such a small village there are a couple of hotels / pubs, public toilets and a couple of tearooms, one of which sells the best ice cream you could ever hope to find.

Route Map


We had a family get together to go to this afternoon so time was not on our side today. But, there was no need to miss out altogether so we headed out a decent time for a short walk around Buttermere. We parked above the church and did a clockwise circuit of the lake today.

Looking back to the village with Hen Comb and Mellbreak behind.


Pike Rigg.


Into the tunnel we go.

About half way along this side of the lake it started to rain. It didn't last long and it wasn't too heavy but it was enough to make us wish we were near the tunnel - - - for obvious reasons.

Buttermere seen from Peggy's Bridge.

Fleetwith Pike just and so topped with cloud.


This is nice / strange / interesting. I can't remember ever seeing one like this before
Looks like it would make a nice pudding perhaps with a bit of cream poured over it. (if you're posh you'd probably call it dessert)

Looking across the lake to High Snockrigg & Robinson.

And all too soon the walk was almost over. As it turned out it was bucketing down all afternoon so as far as attending a family 'do' goes, today was the perfect day, , , , if you know what I mean.

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