13th July 2016

An evening around Cogra Moss

Time 5:10 to 6:55pm
Duration 1 hr 45 min
Distance 4.3 mile
Ascent 600 ft give or take a bit
Walking with Kayleigh Turnbull
Felldyke - Cogra Moss - Forest track below Blake Fell - Cogra Moss - Felldyke
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Felldyke, Lamplugh

Found on the quieter western edge of the Lake District, there never seems to be problem getting parked here. Perhaps this is a result of the limited number of fells that can be reached from here. Having said that, the walks that can be done from here are fantastic.

Parking is free.

Route Map


Only a short walk out tonight along the forest tracks that follow the contours of the fells above Cogra Moss. OK, the route doesn't take you to the top of anywhere but it does offer a lovely walk out of a summers evening. Up there in front of us is Knock Murton.
Come to think of it, a walk doesn't need to go over the top of anything to be enjoyable.

A broad track takes us alongside the tarn where strangely, there was only 1 person fishing tonight. Ahead of us is Blake Fell which remained in view for much of the walk.

The dam, we'll be walking along there later.


It's decision time now. We can go over Blake Fell or follow the track you see below the trees. We opt to follow the lower path.

Looking down to Cogra Moss.

Blake Fell seen from the forest track

Knock Murton seen on the opposite side of Cogra Moss.

With a bit of time still on our side we sit on the wall for ten minutes simply enjoying the peacefulness of the place.

and that was a nice short walk around Cogra Moss. Now it's time to go home for tea.

David Hall -
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