17th July 2016

Silver How. Blea Rigg and Easedale Tarn from Grasmere

Time 9:30am to 3pm
Duration 5 hr 30 min
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 1900 ft - give or take a bit
Walking with Jennifer
A591 - Grasmere - Kelbarrow - Silver How - Brigstone Moss - Silver How Tarn - Brigstone Moss Tarn - Lang How Tarn - Swinescar Hause - Blea Rigg - Easedale Tarn - Sourmilk Gill Waterfalls - Easedale - Grasmere - A591
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre -
Parking Spaces, A591 outside Grasmere
When Grasmere is very busy and parking is a problem, this would be a good place to try. It may be outside the village but it's only a 5 minute walk to the village centre. From the south end of the lay-by cross straight over the road and follow the signed footpath to Millennium Bridge and the church.
Route Map


Today is Sunday and given the weather we're enjoying, it's hard to believe as recent as the day before yesterday they were forecasting a complete washout for today. So much so we'd decided not to walk and go off to do something else instead - probably involving shops. Thankfully the shopping expedition was cancelled and the conditions turned out to be, well, pretty good, without a single drop of rain falling anywhere near us.


Grasmere and Rydal seen from a spot close to the bottom of the gully route onto Silver How.

The gully route - - for want of a better name.
At the end of May, which was the last time we were here, we walked across Dow Bank and everytime we looked back to Silver How this route was in view. At the time, Jennifer suggested we return sometime in summer to walk up this route. So, it's sometime in summer, the sky is mostly blue and as suggested, we've returned to take this route onto Silver How.


A close up of Bow Fell.

and a close up of the Langdales.

A silver How view of Grasmere and the fells on t'other side of the valley.
"Where do you fancy going next" I asked
"Why not carry on along the ridge to Blea Rigg and then go back to Grasmere by Easedale Tarn". Brilliant idea, I never expected to be doing that today.

Brigstone Tarn is passed but while I was here couldn't for the life of me remember it's name - must be getting old.

Lang How Tarn in front of cloud topped Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell. Pike O'Blisco is just about to vanish from view as well.



The ridge route to Blea Rigg. Very twisty and turny, very undulating and very nice walking.

From the point where we'd be heading back down, Easedale Tarn comes into view. Before we head down, it's a short walk to the top of Blea Rigg.

Blea Rigg summit, looking across to Sergeant Man / High Raise.

A close up of Codale Tarn.

As we approach Easedale Tarn we could see lots of people at the outflow end of the tarn. Some in the water (must have been cold), some crossing the beck, some sitting eating lunch and I assume all of them enjoying their time in such a lovely spot.

On route back to Grasmere. It was really hotting up now and so it should be in the middle of July - - Brilliant.

Looking down to Easedale.

Here's one of the waterfalls you see on the walk past Sourmilk Gill.

And to finish, one of the paragliders landing in the campsite field on the edge of Grasmere.

David Hall -
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