5th August 2016

Ullock Pike, Longside and Carl Side

Time 2:05 to 4:35pm
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 5.2 mile
Ascent 2300 ft - or there abouts
Walking with On my own
Near Ravenstone Hotel - Ling How - The Edge - Ullock Pike - Longside - Carl Side - White Stones - Long Doors - Dodd Wood - path next to A591 - Near Ravenstone Hotel
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside spaces, Ravenstone Hotel, Bassenthwaite

There are a few different parking areas along the road between the main car park at Dodd Wood and the Ravenstone Hotel so I have grouped them all together into one.

An obvious circular walk in this area is an ascent of Carl Side via the Ullock Pike ridge and then descending back to the valley by way of Dodd. Should this be your choice of walk then the starting point along this section of road is irrelevant.

Route Map


I had intended to do this walk two weeks ago but on that occasion these fells were topped with cloud so I quickly changed my mind and headed onto the Lord's Seat fells instead. Today, they were clear and there was plenty of sunshine on offer so here I am setting out on the postponed walk.


Binsa and Bassenthwaite (the village) seen as I near the ridge itself.


Looking back down the ridge with Binsa in the background.

The heather was in full bloom so the smell was lovely across here this afternoon. As this was probably going to be the best 'heather' weekend of the season, while walking I decided to visit Skiddaw House tomorrow so I could walk along the heather lined path through that area.

Looking back along the ridge. That's the Solway Firth and Scotland in the distance.

Past Long Side summit and now I'm looking across to Carl Side (right), Skiddaw Little Man (straight ahead) and Skiddaw (left) although the actual summit is out of view.

Keswick and Derwent Water seen from Carl Side.

The Eastern Fell from Clough Head to Helvellyn. High Rigg in the middle of the picture.

Zooming in on Derwent Water and Keswick.

White Stones.


A close up of Clough Head and Great Dodd.

Heading down to Long Doors, the bit where the paths all meet up.

Just before taking this picture I met a family that were heading in the opposite direction. "How long will it take us to get to the top of Dodd" the father asked me. "Sorry but this is Carl Side you're walking up" I answered, then I pointed and said "that's Dodd over there". "it can't be" he snapped back, "it definitely is - - 100%". "No, have a look here, , , , " the guy said as he showed me the map he had dangling around his neck. He then went on and pointed out where I must be going wrong. When he'd finished I thought what's the point in trying to educate a pedestrian as confident as this one. So, to avoid wasting everyone's time I admitted defeat and said "OK, I'm really sorry for giving you duff information so thanks for putting me right". God knows where they ended up but me, I walked down to the side of Dodd. . . . . that's definitely it down there - - 100%.
It's the kids I felt sorry for because they were obviously hating every second of it and he was taking them in completely the wrong direction. Plus the fact that when they get a bit older they'd realise their father was an idiot.


It's all down hill from here; except the flat bit leading to the car.

And to finish, a picture looking back up the forest track in Dodd Wood.

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