24th August 2016

A sunny day on the Uldale Fells

Time 9am to 1pm
Duration 4 hr
Distance 9.7 mile
Ascent 2500ft - or so the computer tells me
Walking with On my own
Longlands - Longlands Fell - Little Sca Fell - Great Sca Fell - Knott - Great Sca Fell - Meal Fell - Trusmadoor - Great Cockup - Orthwaite Bank - Orthwaite - Road back to Longlands
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside parking, Longlands

With some degree of sensible parking you could probably get ten cars parked here. Once these are gone then I'm afraid it's a case of going elswhere. The roads around here simply aren't wide enough to accommodate roadside parking.

Parking is free.

Route Map


Well this certainly ended up being a fantastic day. Blue sky and sunshine, no wind and as a nice bonus I only saw one other person - - and that ws even from a distance. The thing is, I didn't intend to walk here when I set off from home. I was hoping to walk from Patterdale and onto St Sunday Crag but on route I could see lots of cloud in that area so I made the snap decision to come here instead. A good move as it turned out because as I say this ended up being a fantastic day.

Looking across to Binsey.


Quite a lot of this walk is along this type of grassy path which makes walking and progress feel easy.

Longlands Fell summit with a view of Overwater and Binsey.


Longlands Fell seen on route to Brae Fell.

Heading to Brae Fell.

Brae Fell summit


Little Sca Fell summit in front of the Skiddaw fells.
I wonder if they built the cairn from stones that used to be in the hole or if they brought the stones up to fill the hole and just haven't got round to finishing the job.


From Great Sca Fell (that's where I'm at now) I opt to do an out and back to Knott. It's not far at all but it can be a little wet under foot and today it certainly lived up to its soggy reputation.

High Pike and Carrock Fell taken from Knott.


Back at Great Sca Fell and I now make my way down to Meal Fell for my mid day meal and then to Creat Cockup, , , OK enough said about that.

At the top of Meal Fell.

Lunch with a view - - why do I always say lunch. Around here we don't even have lunch. We have dinner at the start of the afternoon and tea at the end of it. Anything after that is supper.

Just above Trusmadoor. The path going to the right hand edge of the picture leads to the top of Great Cockup.

Trusmadoor. What a fantastic place.


At the top of Great Cockup with Binsey in view over there.


A close up of the Solway Firth and Scotland.


Binsey seen from Orthwaite Bank.

A close up of Little Tarn.

Walking through Orthwaite. It was very hot down here and an absolute pleasure to be out and about.


Overwater and Binsey.

And to finish, a picture showing a little bit of the lovely countryside in the area. The fell up there is called Latrigg but it's no relation the the one next to Keswick.

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