14th September 2016

A walk through Newlands Valley

Time 1:30 to 4:30pm
Duration 3 hr
Distance 6.2 mile
Ascent Hardly any ascent
Walking with Jennifer
Newlands Valley road - Stair - Little Town - path below Cat Bells - Skelgill - Stair - Newlands Beck - Little Braithwaite - Newlands Valley road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Newlands Valley

Newlands is my favourite of all the Lakeland valleys and this car park offers easy access to the very heart of the place. For those with a preference for higher places, Causey Pike and Barrow are both within easy reach of the car park.
There is also space for a couple of cars on the roadside hear Stoneycroft Gill.

Parking is free.

Weather Readings

The Gadget
All readings were taken using a Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter
Live temperature recorded at the time I press the hold key
Maximum Wind Speed Maximum wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location Average Wind Speed
Average wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location
Wind Chill
Combination of wind speed and temperature. The gadget does the calculations not me.

Route Map


Autumn may be some distance away from it's full glory in Lakeland but the signs are certainly there that time is indeed matching on. The bracken is quickly losing its greenness, the hedges are heavy with their autumnal harvest and the sheep that were recently clipped are thickening up their winter goats again. What about the temperature though!! Well, when I left the house at half six this morning there was that distinctive autumnal nip in the air and everything felt the way you'd expect for the middle of September. A couple of hours later and that was gone as an area of hot weather moving this way from the near continent quickly heated things up for us. This is brilliant and all very nice but I'd settle for a couple of continuous weeks with normal temperatures and dry weather then a few days of unusually high temperatures and then rain again.
Still, I suppose I mustn't grumble because it's a case of enjoying it while it's here instead of moaning because it isn't here very often.

Long distance view were a bit hazy but everything as far as this valley goes was really clear. Over there beyond the fields is Swinside.

I took this picture of Barrow just after we'd had a sit down for a nice relaxing ten minutes to have something to eat. Yeah I know, , , we'd only been walking for five minutes but I'd been to work this morning and despite feeling hungry, I chose to wait till we got here so we could dine with a nice view in front of us.

The head of Newlands Valley with the distinctive shape of Causey Pike above us and Scar Crags, Sail and Ard Crags looking almost silhouetted.


And before we had time to say "what's all that gray stuff in the sky", the blue was very quickly being taken over by some very dark looking clouds.

At the furthest point from the car the heavens opened, we made a mad scramble to get our waterproof coats on and for about 10 minutes it was like standing under a shower (fully clothed).
"Are you mad - - you set off on such a nice day and still took your waterproofs"
"No I'm not mad - - I just know what it can turn out like on scorching hot days like this. If we'd left them at home, we'd have been soaked to the skin like some of the other people we saw. It's called experience and being prepared - - I rest my case"


After that blip in the weather, normal service returned and we continue walking in the sunshine again.

Barrow seen from Skelgill.


Cat Bells taken from the road between Skelgill and Stair.


From the bridge at Little Braithwaite we look back through Newlands Valley. Blimey, that sun's really hot isn't it.

And to finish, the local pheasant population invaded the field below the road. I think they were trying to chase the sheep off but they took no notice.

David Hall -
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