2nd October 2016

Wandering about on Four Stones Hill

Time Morning
Duration Didn't take notice
Distance 5.8 mile
Ascent Somewhere around 1200 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Burnbanks - side of Aika Hill - Drybarrows - Pinnacle Howe - Round Table - 2 x unnamed tops - Four Stones Hill - Measand Beck - Haweswater shore path - Burnbanks
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Parking spaces, Burnbanks, Haweswater
There aren't many spaces here I'm afraid and parking is not allowed any further into the village. The good news (or bad news depending on your point of view) is that once these spaces are taken, there is room to park along the road outside the village.
Route Map



Today we're in a lovely little corner of the Lake District just and so to the north of Haweswater. This is one of those gentle places where the fells meet the low laying farmland, where the walking is easy going, mostly on grassy paths and an absolute pleasure on a perfect day like this one.


This is typical of the terrain on and around Four Stones Hill.


On top of Pinnacle Howe with a long distance view to Heughscar Hill.



It was somewhere along here that Jennifer said "I wonder why people don't come here. I mean look at it, it's lovely".
I guess most people want something a bit more adventurous & challenging than this type of place. Which is great for us because we can come somewhere like this and generally not see anyone.

A very short deviation from the path and we arrive at the first of the two unnamed tops found just across from Four Stones Hill.

Here are two of the fifteen ponies we saw up here today. The young one came over for some attention and was quickly followed by what I assume was it's mother. Both were very gentle & friendly and must have taken a liking to us because they followed for a good distance after leaving this spot.

"How many ponies can you see from there"

Four Stones Hill view towards Low Raise.

and the view down to Haweswater.

Lunch with a view of Four Stones Hill summit and the distant Pennines.

A close up of Haweswater Dam

And, , , after lots of research and careful examination of all the evidence, we've come to the conclusion that 50% of the stones that are supposed to be on Four Stones Hill are missing.

Looking back to Four Stones Hill.


Bridge over Measand Beck.


And to finish, we look along the side of Haweswater towards the dam.
Between here and the car we only saw 6 people and that was it for the whole walk. I've got nothing against people, it's just really nice to come to these places when there's hardly anyone else about. Or to put it another way: hands up if you ever get to the end of a walk and feel pleased because the place you've been to was really busy.

David Hall -
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