25th October 2016

The fells around High Street

Time 9am to 1:45pm
Duration 4 hr 45 min
Distance 10 mile
Ascent 3300 ft - give or take a bit
Walking with On my own
Hartsop - Filter House - Hayeswater Gill - The Knott - Rampsgill Head - High Raise - Kidsty Pike - Straights of Riggindale - High Street - Mardale Ill Bell - Thurnthwaite Crag - Gray Crag - Hartsop
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Hartsop Village

Unspoilt, sums up the lovely village of Hartsop; apart from the car park that is. At least it is tucked away beyond a narrow gap between the buildings at the top of the village.

The car park is free and offers almost instant access to the surrounding fells. The number of different walks you can do from here are jut too many to list.

Route Map


I was in the shade as I left Hartsop behind this morning but that was OK; up above be the sky was as blue as can be and I knew I'd be in the sunshine not long after passing Hayeswater. All I needed was a little bit of patience, which was easy to say but not too easy to accept.

That's me looking across towards the fells around Helvellyn.

A close up of the valley mist which was working its way through the valley from the direction of Ullswater.


Zooming in a little on the inversion currently above Ullswater.

And not such a close up. This one taken from The Knott.


Looking back across to The Knott from the walk over to Rampsgill Head.

Here's the inversion again. This time split in two by Hallin Fell. Anyone on top of there will be getting a real treat.

As it was such a nice day I decided to head across to High Raise and Kidsty Pike instead of heading straight up to High Street.

That's High Raise over there.
Very straightforward and enjoyable walking up here with little in the way of obstacles to slow progress. So, if time is on your side, it's the ideal place to 'make it up as you go along'.

High Raise summit view.

and before I'd thought about saying "that didn't take long", I was standing on top of Kidsty Pike and looking back across to Rampsgill Head.

A Straights of Riggindale view across to the eastern fells and beyond.

A view over the Straights of Riggindale.

High Street was deserted, dry under foot, warm and windless while I was up here. The sky was still blue and the views were crystal clear so there's not really much else I could wish for is there.

Part of Haweswater seen from Mardale Ill Bell.

Looking across to Thornthwaite Crag from Mardale Ill Bell summit.

You get a great view of Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick from this path. It doesn't seem any longer than the more prominent path up to the main ridge and it's certainly no harder. So as the saying goes, why not give it a try sometime. You also get a good view into Upper Kentmere.

After an enjoyable walk above Upper Kentmere and something to eat, I arrive back on the main High Street track. That's High Street up there.

And High Street again, this time also showing Hayeswater, Rest Dodd, The Knott and Rampsgill Head.

Reaching Thornthwaite Crag meant having to make a decision - - - walk across to Caudale Moor & Hartsop Dodd or, walk back down along the Gray Crag ridge. Gray Crag won the argument in the end because I'd already visited the other two this year and Gray Crag didn't want to feel anymore neglected than it already did.

Red Screes on the left and Caudale Moor straight ahead.

and for your viewing pleasure, this is the lovely ridge leading down to Gray Crag. Mostly down hill (you can't get easier than that) and really enjoyable walking if you particularly enjoy striding along with grass under your feet.


To say the least it's a steep walk down (or up) here but more than worth it with a view like this on offer.

Almost but not quite perfect timing. The final 15 minutes were walked under ever cloudier skies.

Looking through Pasture Bottom to Gray Crag and Thornthwaite Crag.

And to finish, I look back up the track for a view of a darkening Gray Crag.

David Hall -
Lake District Walks