29th October 2016

A proper Autumn day on Latrigg and Lonscale Fell

Time 8:50 am to 2:50 pm
Duration 6 hr
Distance 12 mile (wouldn't expect that would you)
Ascent somewhere near 3800ft
Walking with Rod and Michael
Briar Rigg - Mallen Dodd - Latrigg - Gale Road - Whit Beck - Lonscale Fell - Burnt Horse - Lonscale Crags - Whit Beck - Gale Road - Brundholme Wood - Forge Brow - Briar Rigg
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside, Spooney Green Lane, Keswick

I'm sure the people in the houses on the opposite side of the road get fed up with so many people parking here, but the fact is that we all have a car and we all need to park it somewhere.

The obvious fell to walk to from here is Latrigg, but the more adventurous could easily carry on and head onto the Skiddaw fells.

Route Map


Autumn was at its very best this weekend. The trees were still heavy with leaf and colours spanned everything from darkest green to brightest gold. Sadly for us, there was very little in the way of sunshine to show everything off. But, it was dry, fairly warm and that, to sum it up in one word is "good". Here we look back along Spooney Green Lane to Briar Rigg and to the fells beyond.
It's already warming up and I wonder why I bother putting a jacket on at the start of walk. It's very rare I get more tan ten minutes from the car before I moan about being hot and then take it off.

Subdued light had created the loveliest shades across the valley towards Bassenthwaite but the Lord's Seat fells looked rather dark and uninviting. Although, I suspect someone might have been across there saying the same thing about Latrigg. Notice that wisp of cloud across the fells. It resembled a silk scarf being dragged across the hills.

A splash of sunshine lights up the side of Barrow.


A Latrigg view of Keswick. It seems to be raining over there but I reckon it's just cloud.


Looks like someone has sliced off the top of the eastern fells.

Today we take the steep 'Fence Route' onto Lonscale Fell. And, about half way up we enter the cloud.

Lonscale Fell summit.
As we stood here for our couple of minutes summit time, a lone walk gradually appeared out of the cloud. We all passed on our good mornings and he asked us if we were heading onto Skiddaw because, they'd forecasted the tops of the highest fells might be above the cloud today. Naaaa, the cloud base is far too high and it's too warm for a proper inversion.

One option we talked about for today was to continue onto Skiddaw Little Man and Skiddaw - - - if the forecast was right and we might get the inversions or if the fells were cloud free. Ah well, it didn't look like we'd get the inversion and the fells weren't cloud free. So, we opt for our other option which was to walk down the Burnt Horse ridge. It's been a while since any of us had been down here so every thing is, as I said earlier "good".

Ah, and here we have a view again.

Once off Burnt Horse and through the mud, I look back and take this photo of Skiddaw House.


From our route we look out of Glenderatera valley and into St John's in the Vale.

Here's the view from the path through Lonscale Crags. OK, I admit it looks a bit precarious but it's not that bad if you're careful. Could be tricky if the route was covered in ice and snow, in which case you'd just have to be more careful and (or) have the right footwear accessories.

Colours are lovely aren't they.

And to finish, we walk past Greta Bank Farm and all agree that the conditions made this a 'proper Autumn walk'.

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